alissa and ryan made something great

the first time I met the then, alissa lanker, we were in 6th grade at volleyball camp and it went something like, “hi my name is alissa, do you want to be friends?” literally. and from there, we grew into inseparable and awesome friends. brought on havoc to our little private school in the best way. had somewhat of our own ‘show’ with the daily announcements over the intercom. got separated countless times in class for being impossibly giggly. played sports together, her mom was our track coach, studied together, had lockers near each other. just the whole kit’n’kaboodle. our older sisters were in each other’s class and friends, i shot her sister’s wedding, then shot her little brother in one of my favorite shoots to date. our moms are friends. it doesn’t end.

she is one of my oldest oldest friends. and from the beginning. i’ve always looked up to her. always. she is and has always been, above the rest. in whatever she chose to do. best of everything. and still remains the same.

sometime in college i heard that she and ryan were dating. wait, ryan? ryan from junior high? ryan, who’s dad was alissa and i’s math teacher and my volleyball coach? that ryan? yes. i still can’t believe they are a married pair. so great.

so these two have been married for a few years and now brought this little girl into the world. piper. and she’s the cutest.

so. while home to see my own sister have her baby in october, i could’t wait to get over to alissa and ryan’s and see what they made. it’s piper. and she’s great.

….we can’t imagine our life now without her. we think about it, and it’s like….what did we do before we had her?

ah, those lips!

goin straight lion king.

may or may not have teared up over this one.

it means the world to me, that now….years later, i can walk into the house of my old best friend and be the one to first shoot her family. 

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by Andria

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Keilah Engstrom Oh my gosh.
How freakin’ ADORABLE! Every one of them!
I love this.


kt barnes i DIE, absolutely die, for that little fist

atalie thronson baby in a big chair pic- the best.

Meg Lindquist Gosh, Alyssa is like one of the most naturally beautiful people I’ve seen in my whole life. Great pics Andi Pandi. They make pretty babies :)

Alissa Ferguson Andi: there are no words. i just cried for the last ten minutes reading what you wrote and looking at all of these. you truly are beyond words amazing. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tasha Treat the yawn. oh my gosh.

Erica Ann Photography Aww… looks like they did make something pretty great! I absolutely love the image of Alissa holding Piper and looking out the window. Stunning. And you can’t beat that yawning pic – love!

Mom So fun read what you wrote and remember all the fun times you girls had and now look, All grown up…. Love love Piper in the big chair, so adorable!!