julianna & bryan (part 1)

they met when they were both with another. and it didn’t cross their minds.

then come back around, they meet again.

and it clicked.

and from the beginning, they were open: hey…you’re kind of exactly what I’m looking for. 

so months or inseparability. their noses in books and hours and hours in the vintage furniture shop she worked in. they knew.


really crazy about it.

ballard was made for them. and they were made for me to shoot. we squeezed this in right before the two packed their bags for nevada.

TOMORO!! we ended our shoot with a little something else. a whole ‘nother half to show. tomoro tomoro. with a little taste of this……

see you tomoro.

by Andria

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atalie thronson Love the first picture so much!

Erich McVey Love it all! Really fantastic, amazing stuff))

Gabriel Awesome! Can’t wait to see tomorrow. My favorites are the ones you took from inside the shop through the door 😀

Jayme Dukart Love, love LOVE the two shots with them in the stairwell.

the detailed life i’m really liking that first shot.

Jonas Seaman I love this set!! : )

michael rowley looking down on the stairway. that’s where it’s at!

Michael Ash Smith i like this session.

Karen Obrist What an adorable couple + great locations! Love the vintage store and that epic stairwell. Beautiful, moody, fun, vibrant and sweet! Love it!

Meredith S These are so beautiful that they made my heart flutter. you did so excellent. These photos are a work of art. you captured them. love it.

Gina Fabish Amazing Awesomeness!! Fabulous.

Julia Manchik Do you hand pick your clients??? They have such style. Love these, Andria.

Karen Lovely shoot; awesome first shot!!! Love your style, your creativity, your pictures,…Love just what you do and how you do it!!

amy these are fantastic! what lens do you use?

Marie SO Great!! You have an amazing talent Mere!! Such unique pics!

carina amazing amazing amazing.

Billy Pham This is so good!

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