the low of a high

I’m on the low of a high.

the past 5 days I’ve spent as an addition to two families. staying in the house with them in Hawaii. two families coming together for a marriage. a week about the week, and not just the one day. i’m only there because I can take pictures. there’s no other reason, cialis a total stranger would be able to witness the things I get to.

“so you’re having your photographer stay with you? isn’t that a little weird?” so they were asked.

so I land 5 days ago, picked up by my bride and groom – meeting them for the first time – this is like going on a trip with a first date. you’d better be confident that it’s going to go well.

and each day goes by. event after event, and it goes from first greetings and polite conversations to full bellied laughs, sarcasm that is me in true form and feeling a bond to people I met just days ago.

it’s a strange thing. I already am at the brim with love and support. with family so dear and friends that feel like family. I am in no need. but constantly, people and couples and families are brought into my path and the brim gets even closer. it runs over. this is not a normal thing. and there’s no way to explain it until you’re in it.

I base everything off relationships. I can’t help but see the way my images are impacted when I have a bond to who I’m shooting.

I have to have it. but it’s not something you can force. it’s there or it’s not.

but when it is. I am left like this.

all done and on the low of a high. sitting in the honolulu airport for 10 hours. with lots of time to digest and process.

I am brought to these places. treated as family. and able to give this gift of a simple thing such as an image. only it’s so much more than that.

when there’s that bond, it makes a switch.

it’s 11pm and the brides mom see’s me kneeling in front of my computer. she comes to see what I’m doing and the sound she makes when she sees the images I shot of her daughter. that’s the payment. that’s what fulfills.

it’s when kaelin comes in to where I’m sleeping at 8am the day after her own wedding, to check and see how I am. how I feel.

it’s a simple thing of being told, you’re not the photographer, you’re a friend.

it’s my couple screaming at full lungs back at me “hollllly shit” because of what we’re getting. (pardon the profanity…it happens with good shooting)

it’s laying on the grass with new friends at the end of a wedding. watching the stars and getting burned by a cigar.

it’s her dad coming up to me mid day in the hallway, to hug me once again and tell me how special it is to have me.

the strange thing is, so much care and thanks comes to me. and that’s not even the way it should be.

I am the one that is indebted.

I’ve been shooting in some incredible places this year. in my own backyard and in the Swedish countryside. and no matter where I am, it’s the people that impact me.

and I come to an end of 5 days like this and am at the low of a high. I walk away from the group & new friends and then my couple at the airport and it’s over.

I feel so strange to feel as sad as I do. but I am.

I felt it last week when i parted ways and it was over.

there’s this surprise I get. going into days like this. I have no idea what’s ahead. but then it is sweeter than I could have hoped and I form bonds I wouldn’t have expected and I don’t want it to end.

but it always does. and it reminded me this week, as the ink I have tattooed on me, “cherish the present” and it’s so true. I don’t want to live in one moment, one week forever, I want to always be going forward. but I hate goodbyes and I hate when it’s over.

more often than not my life is made up of things that I know I’ll be jealous for once they pass. so I should know, there will always be this feeling as I walk away and it’s all over.

just an even more reminder to cherish the sweet moments while I’m there.

days like this impact me and leave a mark on me.

this life that has become mine, I feel so unworthy but so grateful. so overwhelmed yet attentive to the joy I have.

I am madly passionately no doubt over my head in love with the people that bring me in and what I’m allowed to do.

when I get to this point, I know, it’s something I have to write down. I never want to lose these thoughts and this feeling.

lots more to come.

by Andria

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Tiarra Sorte you continue to amaze me with your talent. I can’t wait to see the rest.

Yee You are as extraordinary a writer as you are a photographer. Stunning work all around.

ali unbelievable and speechless! can’t wait to see more, the detail in the photos here is killing me with anticipation for the full blog post!

Lacey You are one of a kind, Andria. I feel blessed to just read your words and view your images. I can’t even imagine how blessed your clients … friends … feel. :)

Nirav Love what you have written here my friend. You are truly an amazing photographer and person. I look forward to finally meeting you this coming year!!

Vanessa These pictures of my dear friend and her new husband are truly amazing, they have brought tears to my eyes. You did an absolutley gorgeous job, I can’t wait to see the rest. They really look like they are out of an anthropologie or jcrew magazine … Amazing thanks for sharing

Debi McDowell You have an amazing gift (in words and photographs). We are so grateful they found you. Besides the fact that you had 2 incredibly beautiful people to photograph (I have bragging rights), these 3 pictures are amazing!! We can’t wait to see the finish project. This was a busy week, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Getting to spend time with Kaelins wonderful family and friends (and our son Justin too) was icing on the “Wedding” cake. Thank you again for being a friend and not just “the Photograher”. Remember to take along plenty of vitamins and sinus medication on your next shoot. God Bless You.

Igor Demba Andria! You just bring perspective in life to another level. Thank you.
PS. You’re full of the amazing!

Carolyn Kaelin looks absolutely breathtaking and you captured her beauty so well. The pictures are exquisite!! Cant wait to see the rest!!!

Stephanie Santos Andria, Kaelin is a dear friend of mine. I was so bummed that I didn’t make to the wedding. Your entry of your experience is so heartfelt! When you talk about Kaelin coming in to check on you at 8a….I go “yeah that’s SO Kaelin!” LOVE her.
The few shots that are up are already stunning. Can’t wait to see more! -S

Christopher Triglia I loved the cigar part…. your writing compliments your photos so well. Thanks for a good time and it was fun to share the week with you.

Kat I am great friends with Justin and am lucky enough to have met Kaelin and fallen in love with the two of them together. I wasnt able to be there but reading how much it meant for you to be a part of it touched me. Thank you for the photos and allowing me and the others who couldnt make it be able to experience their day.

Julia N oh so pretty. love the emotion in both the writing and the images. so so very pretty.

Stacey Oh I love the Gillet family! Laurie’s joy, Kaelin’s sweetness, Marty’s hugs… you captured it all! Amazing photos, can’t wait to see more!

Kaelin Andria! I can’t tell you enough how much of a blessing you were to us. Not just your amazing skills… But your wonderful, relaxed, joyful presence. I love what I’ve seen so far and I am so very excited to see the rest of the pictures! I know you were able to capture all of the joy of this amazing time for us. You’re such a gem and we’re so thankful for all of your hard work!

Lisa Davis Andria, you continue to amaze me with your gifts!!! You tell such a story with your pictures that no words are needed. Although, I find myself wondering what was said at the moment that made a subject laugh the way they did, or the tear fall, a quirky look, etc. I LOVE this Love Story! You know when you know!! Congrats to this lovely couple. And Kaelin, you are absolutely STUNNING!!! Thanks for sharing your story with me!!

Angela Mengoa You make me wanna be a wedding photographer! ♥

diana Hi, I stumbled upon this blog in search of a statement necklace. Your work is absolutely breathtaking!! Love the candid moments you caught! I was wondering if you could find out where the bride purchased her necklace from… I love it! She is gorgeous!! Thanks for your time!

Brian Andria, I found you through Pinterest. You have a fun visual style that is highly romantic. I’m an independent writer and am funding my own romantic novel. Are your images for sale? I’m looking for something fully model released with all rights.

The image of Gaylin & Alastair engaged is along the lines of what I’m interested in.



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