…this weekend

oh this weekend.

i’ve been anxious-excited about it for almost a year.

now it’s come and gone and was better than i could have dreamt.

taken to another world. 

i dont think i’ve laughed as hard, been happier, than i was this wknd. travel, amidst a good friend, being pushed and shooting new things. my heart is full. the seams are stretched. 

i’m back for 2 days, then scooting out the door to hawaii for the week to document a back yard, family gathering, event filled wedding week.

i love it all. it doesn’t stop.

by Andria

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Gabriel Blown away. Weirdly enough I just blogged a slideshow Indian wedding.

The first one. Good lord Andria the first one.

Kelley Face Wow where is this?

Silvia fantastic work! Love it!

Mom A M A Z I N G !!!!

alison Hare this is so neat! had to be a wonderful experience. your talent never disappoints!

Meg Lindquist Frickin rad

atalie thronson national.geographic.

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