DIY cards

so i was shopping around at this antique furniture store a few weeks back and found this awesome pile of ‘old family pictures.’ so i scoured them and walked away with 9 awesome polaroids.

then i had the grand idea to make my own cards.

so i did

so here you can see a nice little DIY project.

i write cards often. now, i can send these hand made lovelies. i love it so much, it’s so rad to think about who originally took these pictures and who’s hands they’ve been in. for the images that had original handwriting explaining the photo, I copied it and put it on the back of the card so you can read it. i love it.

STEP ONE: pick out old pictures.

STEP TWO: buy blank white cards (at any art supply store)

STEP THREE: glue on photos to cards.

STEP FOUR: apply personal stamp to the back

and you’re DONE! enjoy.

a really fun little project I plan on doing again. handmade. re-used. what could be better!

images were taken on my iPhone 4.

Do you have a rad DIY project you did? I’d love to see others’ projects or links!! show me!!

happy monday folks. maybe i’ll be back later with some images.:)

by Andria

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kt barnes the stamp from Q’s wedding! LOVE it

Chantel What a cute idea! I totally love this!