Sam & Alla: Married

friday morning i woke up to a black skies and rain that would soak you in a second. and i drove straight out of it and into the desert. just a sweet 3 hours away.

3 hours away and i was in a whole new world.

one with grapes for tasting. sun for sweating. custom gowns to be worn. rust and burnt orange under feet. surprises to be given. a russian prayer from a father. tears from a groom. eyes squinting. wine to be drank. laughs coming from deep in the belly. and dancing to would seem to not cease. 

sam and alla became married after a slow, meaningful ceremony. one that wasn’t rushed. one that only the very closest to the couple got to witness.

so now they start their life together.

that right there is a first look at boudoir folks.

that location.

adore this.

cute overload.

best ceremony location of all time.


two of the past weddings i’ve shot, those who caught the bouquet/garter got engaged weeks afterward. this guy included. so i guess it works.

father of the groom FTW.

no words.

i adore everything about this day. sam and alla, for taking such good care of me and welcoming me in, for absolutely trusting me. i want you to get married again.

i want to shoot this venue again. holy smokes.

BIG big thanks to my lady Tonhya for coming along on this day and shooting the crap out of it with me.

by Andria

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Marcus Comer Absolutely wonderful and amazing photos! They capture the wedding and venue perfectly!

atalie thronson those are the best dancing pictures ever.
the ties around the head made me laugh outloud.
such an amazing venue holy dang!
and she had the cutest kids ever at her wedding!
beautiful pics andria!

Lacey This location is amazing! And I always love your reception photos … feels like I’m there you capture the action so well!

Drew Renner So much GOLD here. Love the light, love the tilt shift, love the location, love the pics. BOOM! Bottle it up and you got yourself some AWESOMESAUCE.

Kirsten *sings in a really high voice* Nailed it!

shelly Blimey! We can only wish for light as beautiful as this in poor old grey Britain. Beautiful job, beautiful people, beautiful setting.

And the boys, they got da moooooves! x

andy green Amazing location and great pics. I esepcially like the black and white, its so nice to see blacks and whites as opposed to overlooked greys and grey, what a dream day with the light couple and location