i took my mom to cabo for mothers day. and for a bunch of other reasons.

this was my first time to cabo and first time to a fancy schmancy all inclusive resort. now, i don’t want to come off as if i didn’t like it, because i did…it was a time for all relaxing. no work (kind of) time with my mom and getting my dang tan on. but i will say, this trip proved to me, i am not a resort girl. i would 100x’s rather be in some european city, walking the streets, shooting the people, seeing the culture, eating food along the way, being a part of the city. i’m all for relaxing, but that is relaxing to me. i don’t think you’ll see me when honeymoon time goes, jet off to a resort. i think we’ll be seeing the world for 3 months or something. i mean, that day is totally around the corner. ok, not.

iPod. good mixes. people watching. journaling to my little heart’s content. sunrise shooting. food food food. and some haut weather. 

oh real cool. this was when some 30 ft wave came so fast i couldnt even move in time. then i turned to run and fell and dropped my phone in this water and had my gear on me and somehow managed to not ruin anything in the water, reached back quick as a cat and grab my phone out of the water. i looked like an idiot. but i tell you, i’ve never seen waves like they have there, tall as a 2 story house.

up for sunrise.

the day before, some of the vendors selling on the beach got arrested for selling drugs hidden in ziplocs in the sand. look what i found out at dawn.

crazy love this.

will be blowing this one up.

we went on a “sunset cruise” that turned out to be some super partay. free alcohol, people were getting down.

and then the 40-something couple did body shots.

omg then *this* went down. a competition for the best male dancer on the boat.

this guy. he was on his honeymoon.

this 18 year old kid from NY won. i cannot show his dancing pictures. but i can tell you all the moms on the boat were drooling.

good times south of the border.

by Andria

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alyssa beautiful shots, andria!

Matthew YES! Cabo is my favorite vacation spot…we try to go there once a year. Love, love, love! Great shots…and the party cruises are always fun.

carina GOR-GEOUS! My family stayed at that resort for Christmas 2 years ago. Makes me miss it!! Awesome, awesome shots!

Erica G These pictures are beautiful! Even though no wedding was involved it makes me suuppper excited to have you shooting our wedding next fall! Yay!

jeff marsh the bomb

Chloe Ramirez So beautiful Andria! What a fun trip with your Mom!

Nate Beautiful! I’ll be in Mexico in two weeks! What kind of lens were you shooting with?

n’tima your photos ignite something inside of me. you were born for this. that is for sure.