i got tattooed. again. 

this one happened on the fly. i was getting ready friday morning, my sister meggy was on her way from portland to spend the weekend with me and it clicked. now is the time!

i’ve wanted this get this tattoo since I got my last tattoos in february. only i thought I should stick with just those two for then. but, i knew i wanted this one and i really wanted someone in my family to be with me when i got it.

there is one place that truly feels like home to me. it is where i’ve spent every single christmas morning. through the buffet with the egg casserole and m&m’s in the bird holder. pulling the pool cover off to where gramma taught every single grandkid how to swim. countless summer evenings spent on the patio with family. dinners on the diving board. easter egg hunts and watching papa and dad laugh at how we couldn’t find our baskets. playing cards in the trailer and having papa come get us for a snack. gold wallpaper. gramma’s perfume tray. living there during college. the pictures on the wall and how one thing has never changed.

my grandparents home. i can’t even say how sentimental this place is. but, it’s not really about the place. just the feeling and the people that reside in it. 

my grandpa passed away in january from parkinsons. i still find myself in tears once or twice a week about him being gone. it still doesn’t seem real. the first time I went back into their house months after he died, it hit me so hard. in as much as a place and a home is not a person and there is so much more to my family and the adoration, respect and love i have for those two and all they embodied, that is the place that feels like home. that has memories as long back as i can remember in every inch of it. it’s strange how a place can feel as much part of our family.

life is not about things, and it’s not about a house. but as things can never be stopped and will never be the same, it’s those memories and that emotion you feel about a place. the rocks in the front yard my papa hid my easter eggs in when i was 4. the feeling at the bottom of the pool that, after hours and hours of swimming with gramma watching, i had blisters on the bottoms of my toes. it’s not about things and it’s not about a place. but this house, 12735 E Apache Pass will always hold the dearest memories to me. the home that feels like home. 

when i think of those two, bill and marie, when i remember them, it will always be in this home. it will be my papa taking me with him down the steep path to feed the dogs. it will be my gramma in her suit washing our hair with the hose. it will be my papa at one end of that table, with my gramma at the other end, getting up 12 times during dinner and always burning the rolls.

but it’s not really about the place. just the people and feeling that reside in it. it’s about the family and what was started there. 


{ i got the coordinates of their home forever on me. }  it will always hold the dearest and sweetest thought and memories to me. a place that is just as much them as anything else i know.

throw back to my 70’s track shorts i used to run in. they finally became useful again.

i shot their house last winter, if you’d like to see the place I’m talking about.

it’s perfect perfect. exactly how i wanted and where i wanted. none of mine, you can really see just by looking at me, and that’s how i want it. i love the story behind it and meaning it holds for me, it doesn’t have to be shouting to everyone though. out of all my tattoos, this probably hurt the very least. it didn’t even feel like it was happening. and i hate to say it (dad), but this will probably not be my last. but for now, it will be. i have no other ideas or ones burning in my mind that i won’t be able to ignore. so for now, i am done.

a handful of people have gone to matt since i’ve gotten my tattoos. and i think it’s great. of course i highly recommend him – you can see his work here and he resides tattooing down at Under the Needle in Belltown.

I shot he and his wife last winter.  you can see their adorable selves here.

thanks to my little seester, meagan, who came along and unwillingly took a few pictures for me.

by Andria

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Michelle Ocampo LOVE it! I’ve loved your tattoo posts!! Each one has such special meaning…the way it should be!

Meg Lindquist Glad I could be there for ya :) this place will always be in my heart too!

Janelle Love the coordinates! Such a great idea and meaning! My grandparents house when I was little is still my favorite place ever. Lots of tears when they moved out but it will always be burned into my memory bank. <3

Kirsten I was never a big fan of tattoos but I always think yours are so stylish and meaningful. Sadly, I remember wearing joggers like that when I was about 6 😉

lydia {ever ours} love this. so so love this.

sizzle Love the new ink and the meaning behind it.

Tanya you always come up with the most beautiful tattoo ideas. i love that they mean just so much to do you.
xo TJ

Anja I LOVE the sentiment of this. Supa special. Your Papa would love this!

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