Jacob and Emma: married in sweden

both in london, a city not their own, the two met. only a short time in each others presence.

but it was enough to make them remember the others name and want to learn more. so, back in sweden, these two started down the path.

they are soft hearts. he is kind and full of smiles. she is sweet, and brings you into her, not by actively seeking that, but by a calm beauty about her. together, they walk hand in hand, listening first and with such a joyful aura about them.

it was more than refreshing to witness this day. this was not a day for show, more simple than anything. Emma shushed me when I loudly announced ‘it’s your wedddddding day” as I saw her walk up at the subway. we took a bus out to her makeup appointment. to say this was not like an american wedding is obvious, but also a short sell on what this day was about. there wasn’t a kiss during the ceremony. a first dance. the dinner was 6 hours long with wonderfully long speechea. the couple walked into the ceremony together. but those things are not what makes a wedding. 

this day was simple, yet joyfully experienced. the word simple can’t fit. it was spot on. it remained about jacob & emma. about their family. telling their story and holding on to the moments as they were experienced. no rush, no time limit, no hype, just taking it as it comes. 

dont believe photographers when they tell you they’re not magicians. just look, the dang dress is floating. but really, we’re not.

…the crown.

one boy, one girl = bridal party.

i spy a crown. do you?

grooms deserve dreamy shots too.

her little shoes. i couldn’t adore it more.

hey guys, can we do one more picture….i promise it will be worth it. 

the wonderful adorable toast masters.

jacob’s dad performed the ceremony.

the children. i cant help it.

after a 6 hour dinner, poor guy was sleeping sitting up.

first task as a married couple, use one hand and wrap a present. and beat the brides parents.

die over this.

shooting a wedding in sweden really was a dream. being able to go back to where i took my first picture took me full circle somehow. even though i’m still nowhere near full circle. i cant thank you enough, jacob & emma for having me. for inviting me in. for your wonderful care and appreciation you showed me. to delivering me to my doorstep after all was done and you should have been on your way to your hotel. to andreas and freddie who translated for me late at night and 6 hours into a dinner. to all the guests and friends who made me feel welcome. this was an experience I loved and will never forget.

i want to travel more. shoot more weddings out of my area code. it inspires me in new ways.

TRAVEL COUPLES: if you’re reading this and in another country. another state.out of the pacific northwest. getting married and like what i’m doing here, i want to talk to you. I’m not sure if i can say this, but I’d like to. my 2012 weddings are getting full, but for the rest of what I book, I would love to keep seeing travel come my way, so I’d love to extend a discount to anyone out of state, out of country who inquire for a wedding from now til end of year. (must be new inquiries, out of the PNW: WA, ID, OR and mention this in your inquiry)

This week has been talks to weddings in england, canada, san fran, and georgia. i want to keep traveling, keep shooting new places. and I’d love to give a little incentive to bringing me to you. Email me (Andria@AndriaLindquist.com) if you’re interested and would like to bring me to your wedding, where ever that may be. let’s make it happen.

just wanted to throw that out there. after all, that’s how I got to sweden. just said I wanted to shoot a wedding there. and it worked out.

by Andria

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jeff marsh top five best weddings i have seen all year.

lydia {ever ours} oh heart be still. now that’s what i call a wedding.

Gabriel The portraits of the couple BLEW ME AWAY

jsa so this is like two families of models getting married?

nirav You captured them sooo flippin’ awesomely! That’s right I made up a word for you.

Andreas The photos turned out amazing Andi!! /The crazy swedish model dancer

Hanna These are the most amazing wedding pics i’ve ever seen.

JOHN NOBIS Amazing work, I loved the ones with the trees. All of the arches are the bomb! Especially the archway balcony kiss beautiful light, architecture and symmetry.

Julia Manchik Gorgeous.. that one shot was totally worth it.
And such style! Love the guys’ little hair buns. :)

the detailed life love those dance photos!

RF LOVE her tattoo. and love this story. do unattractive swedes even exist?! these people are all amazing.

Meg Lindquist Wow, awesome pictures. 3 things: 1. I LOVE how everyone is blonde in sweden. 2. I want to go to Sweden someday 3. The two guys with buns are so cool haha

Andrea Those Swedes! So gorgeous. Wish I was blond and European. Gorgeous wedding.

Nik Eriksson Love It! So many great friends in one place and what an amazing couple, Jacob and Emma, you are beautiful and we wish you all Gods’ blessings. Kram.

Mia I’m finding this post wayyy after you posted it, but I just gotta comment: Shucks, girl, these are stunning! They just make me happy…that warm light and the joy everywhere. Exquisite.