a perfect match

being able to go hard into what i feel is my work. my style. is all about the perfect match. 

and when that match comes, there is nothing i can say about what it is, except effortless

conversation. interaction. my wheels turning. 

it becomes effortless. 

it’s all about the perfect match. 

i shouldn’t be showing this yet, I have dozens of other work to show first. but i make the rules and i simply cant keep this in. spent 30 minutes in a bar that i love, after a shoot that was already amazing. and just wanted to try a little something. i’d have to say, i’m crazy about what we got in that bar. here’s a look for now.

and, i know, you cant even see the girl here. it will have to wait. she’s a real beaut tho.

my calendar is just near closed for the year. but then Julianna contacted me. they have one week til they move to nevada. they neeeeeeeded a shoot in the spot their relationship formed. and i knew in an instant this would be a shoot i neeeeeded to do. and that’s the thing, you get that feeling. usually it’s right. and oh baby it was. i will always follow it. and there is no glow or feeling like the one i had sitting in this booth with J&B, completely giddy over what we just made. showing them the back of my camera. screaming in the bar. that’s what I appreciate, people who want to do something, maybe different, maybe against the rules. maybe something we dont really know til we get there. i’ll never get bored with photography because i’ll never want to do it the same, and i want to work with people who want that very same thing.

the people are different, but the heart stays the same. a pull to create and do be wrapped up in the here and now and the fact that you’re in love and i’m in love with what i do. 

i cant wait to show you what we shot.


I’m off to San Fran for the weekend! My first time…! I’m suuper excited. I have yet to really research anything to do for the weekend though. Do you know anything good to do in San Francisco!? I’d love to hear….! Seriously can’t wait to get out and shoot there. Everybody scream Full House!!!

by Andria

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sizzle SF is AMAZING. There is so much to do and see and eat and take photos of. It’s like Seattle with all its distinct neighborhoods. I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome. Have fun!

duane Love it Andria!!!

Lacey I can’t wait to see more from this session and from your trip. You’re going to rock San Fransisco!