heather & jeff: married

not as obvious when it’s missing, but impossible to ignore when it is present. that aura about a couple, that just emit the truest, most pure love. you cant ignore it.

being in the presence of these two makes me want to be in love. not for loves sake, but at the hope of being able to feel and possess what these two have, what is so evident in just watching and observing. they have left me with joy and a different admiration for what a wedding can mean. the way two lives come together.

if every wedding got ready in a house like this, i’d be one happy girl. doing cartwheels everywhere. craigslisted house. do it.

you can’t beat a bride with a red lip on her wedding day. youza.

good lord i love this.

one of those moments where i really freak out.

and this is when I get coaxed into an old woman’s house that is easily something out of an episode of hoarders. she tells me that she wants $20 if I’m going to shoot on her property…money to repair the barn. i forked over $20, walked out alive, and got these shots. it was worth it.

crazy bout this one.

holy cow, right?

i spy heather’s parents being uber cute.

and this would be the mastermind behind the wedding design, and her trusty steed.

This is a day I’d go back and be in and shoot, any time. One that I’m so sad is over and feel so lucky that clients like this seek me out. that their family act as the most encouraging and grateful people. heather and jeff impacted me the first time i met them, and i was anxious for their wedding since that day. thank you guys for your energy, excitement, model of love. i’m indebted to you. 

to this day, their e-session was by far one of my favorite times shooting. you can see it here. 

Big thanks to Nicole Firestone for coming along and shooting this day with me. Some of the images above are hers.

Venue: Hidden Meadows (can’t wait to shoot here more, yahooo)

Wedding Design/Planning: Plume Wedding Concepts  (please, everybody, hire this gal. she does magic.)

by Andria

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jsa i can’t even think of a worthy comment.

Kip Beelman Most phenomenal thing I could imagine seeing today / this week / this month / this year. Bravo.

atalie thronson This is my favorite wedding you have ever photographed. The picture of her crying at the first look is the best ever.

Paul Krol great set here!

Rachel Nickel This is AMAZE-BALLS! My mom was swooning about it over my shoulder, which made looking at it that much better.

Ruth Incredible! Such lovely photos!

Rico so good. and you keep getting better and better. Insane.

Stephanie magical location, stunning couple….just gorgeous!!! beautiful work!

Susi fab, just fab!!!

Kelsey Barb & Stephen (Plume Wedding Concepts) do it again!! This is unreal work, Andria. What a beautiful, beautiful day.

Lacey I love when I see your bride and groom and recognize them from your e-session! These are gorgeous as always and I LOVE the feel of this wedding.

Gabriel Are you kidding me? That shot of her in the bedroom!! OhmigoshsogoodIcry

jeff marsh goodness moley. i’ve shot here and didnt even recognize it cause you captured it so uniquely. and the colors. very antique to match the style. no clue how you did it but this is a winner.

Kirsten Wonderful, Andria. Just wonderful.

the detailed life great dress shot.

JOHN NOBIS Father of the bride.Thanks to Plume Wedding Concepts. Stephen and Barbs incredible detail to the vision and presentation of the beauty of a bride to her groom and guests is truly spectacular, and one of a kind. Kelsey, thanks to you and Plume that we found ANDRIA, and our lives will never be the same. You said this is unreal, I beg to differ. Everything you see from Plume Wedding Concepts and Andria Lindquist is ‘SO REAL’. ANDRIA this is what I have come to appreciate about YOU! ‘SO REAL’ The passion, vision, mastery and humility of understanding the realness of the story before you. Telling the story, capturing the emotions,tenderness, excitement,vulnerability,love,intimacy and trust of your clients in the moment ‘that is life’. You are truly Special, we are so honored and blessed to have you in our lives. I look forward to the day when the maple trees, fireplace mantel and love birds captured by you on this wedding day, September 5, 2011, will once again be photoed by you with Jeffrey and Heather at their home.
We are so grateful to you ANDRIA, ANDRIA. Until we meet again (which I hope will be soon) PEACE JOY AND LOVE you are in our prayers Pam and John Nobis.Thanks for the beautiful memories!

Session Nine Wonderful. Really. SO good!!

1) I know what you mean about the image of Heather on the bed by the window….I would’ve died and shot that the rest of my life.

2) Holy crap with the grainage in the getaway car shot. So rad.

Nailed it friend. :) ~Jason

Lisa SO LOVELY!!! everything about this wedding is simply gorgeous! and oh my those bridesmaids dresses! where did those come from??!

PAMELA NOBIS Hi, the bridesmaid dresses were purchased at Macy’s and the designer is Suzi Chin for Maggy boutique, the color is called dove. I have also seen the dress at Dillard’s in Phoenix Arizona. I purchased these back in February 2011. Thanks for your kind comments. It was a wonderful day!!

Julia N Oh em gee. LOVE. I remember looking at this couples engagement shoot thinking I can’t wait to see the wedding. I can’t believe I didn’t see it till now. Love love love. This is love.

ali mccartie oh please tell me where the invites came from. stunning nuptuals!

Marvin Herbert Can I please know what your camera/lens set-up is please? It’s mind blowing the creaminess of your photos. And your composition is impeccable! I’d love to be able to work up to this pristine level of photography one day. Do keep up the amazing work!

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