Annie & Pat: Engaged

i’ve said it once so i might as well say it again. the thing i love best about photography is the unknown. i embrace that and have carved it into how i do things.

we’ll know a little, like who will show up and a meeting spot. but you can never know what you’ll come across when the light comes through this perfect spot in the trees. what you happened to be talking about at that moment, that made her giggle and he hold her close.

you can prepare, but with as much as im shooting, i try to to the opposite. i just see what we find. it’s an always adventure that way.

with annie and pat, we had a spot planned. then we got kicked out (people need to seriously lighten up, just let me shoot where i want…dont you know we’re making art!?)  so down the road we trekked and i saw the sun and i saw those bushes and i knew it’d be perfect. then we got this. on the side of the road, by a chain link fence and cookie cutter homes. 

and it will always remain the unknown that i love. we react to the light, weather, emotion, feeling right then and it creates what you see. and it’s addicting.


this spot (novelty hill) is a winery (and venue) ….i want to shoot a wedding there. urban meets wine country. so rad.

oh baby that light.

very excited for these guys’ wedding next august. as i’m reluctantly saying goodbye to my 2011 couples, like a mother seeing her kids off to college, i am comforted by the radtastic couples who are having me along for their big day next year. the circle continues.

happy monday folks. this week will be like the holidays on the blog. well, at least, I’m that excited to show.

by Andria

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J Shoda Pretty, pretty, pretty dang good.

Swedeitis I think you should just go by your new nick name, TiltQueen. Girl, you rock that lens.

jill AMAZING. i want to be them so i can hang these photos on my walls. otherwise it’d be kinda creepy.

kirsten the best photos definitely come from adventures, you’re telling a true to life story. beautiful work :)