in the morning

my sister is having a baby in the morning. her third.

noelle anne genevieve.

serena is quick to listen, she is one who’s wisdom i seek, she puts others ahead of herself. she has a soft heart and is an incredible mother.

i didn’t think i’d be able to be here for the birth. c-sections and a scheduled birth allowed it.i just found out the sex and name yesterday. i’d show the video i took walking into the room finding out, but i sound like a fool…so, I’ll spare you.

we walked 100 yards from her house and took a few portraits in her last days of being pregnant with noelle. she has the glow. 

man that spot is dreamy.

waaaah my mom wont hold me. 

sterling, serena, malachi, avalee, and now soon to be, noelle.

the only pregnancy pictures i’ve ever taken have been of serena. first with ava and now noelle. i cant even say how special it is to somehow be involved in such a time in their lives. still blows my mind that tomoro everything will change, that there’s a human in there. don’t worry, i’ll have lots to show from the hospital and the babe’s first pics.

by Andria

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Noelle Shumer Good name choice. So good I named my business after it 😉

Jim Trull Love the pics and the subject of them- thanks for sharing-Jim

Lacey Beautiful… and I can’t wait to see your photos of the baby!

Meg Lindquist Gosh, you captured Serena’s beauty so well! I love that Ava is in them too. Her little crying face will probly be seen a lot in the next months to come lol. Wondering why mom can’t hold a newborn AND her… Love the pics

Meg SO glad you’re there Andi! These are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see that little girl tomorrow!

Gabriel yup. Glowing