Kristin & Blake: Married

The thing about Blake is, he takes his time with things. He makes certain of his decision, and while it may take a while….when he makes his mind up, it means something.

He took his time with her.

These two have been together longer than most when their wedding day comes.

this day felt not a whim or quick to plan. it was long waited for, the emotion and experience welled up over their years and gave this day was cherished, was overjoyed.

good things come to those who wait.

ah, tucker!

blake suggested they stand on a roof ledge on their e-session, so I shouldn’t be surprised he suggest we go up for this shot.


outdoor ceremonies FTW.

love this.


thank you Kristin and Blake, watching this day unfold is one I’ll remember. me, crying behind my camera during your ceremony, watching you practice your first dance with no one around. noticing in so many pictures that you two high five all the time. your humor all through the day. and making me feel like a close friend and trusting me all the way through. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


by Andria

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Lacey Your creativity and artistic vision is remarkable. Your clients are SO blessed to have you. Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous couple, gorgeous light … and you captured it perfectly.

Susi Absolutely fabulous!!!

Diane Angel Andria, this wedding is beautiful and your work is incredible! You are such an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing your God given talents with the world! We appreciate you!

duane i said before and i will say it again,.. these are sooo Kiff !!!!

Kristin Wow Andria- these turned out to be so much more than I could have hoped for.. Whatever I can possibly think of to say here will be an understatement! We feel very fortunate that we found someone so incredibly talented to capture our special day. These are all so precious and beautiful and take me right back to the moment they were taken. Thanks again for all the heart and soul you put into our wedding. We had such a great time working with you!! xoxo

Laura You. Are. Amazing.
Wow, Andi, just Wow.

Kip Beelman Phazers set to KILL.

RF now that’s how you take off a garter.

kirsten could not love this more! incredible.

Joe O’Daniels Amazing Set! Looked like one killer party. Such a beautiful couple too. Great job!!

lonbon the color of these is INSANE. your amazing andi pandi.

lonbon the%20color%20of%20these%20is%20INSANE.%20your%20amazing%20andi%20pandi.

Sara Blake & Kristin – what a fabulous way to start your life together! Andria you captured beauty, love and fun. thank you!

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