somewhere special

I’m there the entire time the bride gets ready.

getting ready for your wedding day is something special.

i love when the bride gets her lips painted and dress on in a unique spot. 

it makes for the most wonderful photos. not a fluorescent bulb in sight. 

gets me all kinds of excited.

heather’s dad rented a little house off craiglist. this old folks house. probably cost less than rooms at a hotel. all the girls together, hair and makeup, laughs, and a fan. it was hot. there was wonderful nooks and crannies everywhere.

unique, different, that’s what i like. when thought is put into something, it far exceeds the other.

i flew in from Boise, my car in the airport parking garage, and went straight to this old house. 

and it gave us pictures like this. 

always worth it. 

by Andria

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Anthony Hi Andria ur doing fine your talent is just a divine gift is great.
Pls i would like to ask, Are u single ?

Igor Demba The light and minimalism in this image is worthy of dreams. Beautiful Andria, really beautiful.

Anja Renting a lil house, what a great idea. Bet that made your heart sing :-)