‎live your life in a way that will have you jealous for those moments once they pass.

i say that. hope that for my life. said it on my last night in spain walking the plaza mayor under the moon, lovers everywhere, stopped to listen to a man play the saxophone. after one of the best dinner experiences i’ve had.  tapas in the mercado de san miguel. i know this will be one of those moments i’m jealous for later. and it already is.

i was reminded in spain how wonderful street shooting is. nothing posed or fabricated about it. something about catching a moment in real time, just because you were there, watching….makes the image so much sweeter. observing the way another culture lives, and being able to show that through an image, i love it.

do old couples walk hand in hand in the US? probably. I cant say i’ve ever really noticed them all that much. spain was full of them, everywhere. so darling

so i have a fascination with old men. how can i not?

stopped. paid. listened to everyone playing music. couldnt help it.

talked to this cute old guy for 20 minutes. Luis. he is newly retired and spends his time learning languages. currently speaks 10 languages. this image sums up his darling-ness.

look at her.

he has the same face as his frenchie.

paid this guy. sat and laughed hysterically at his odd noises & clapping. mostly bc this was a grown man.

smoking in spain is as rain is to seattle.

new rule: blow up (at least) one image from any trip, travel, personal shooting i do. fill up a wall. see my own stuff printed. this is my choice for spain.

watched as this huge truck tried to park next to this car for a delivery. then munched it, and then drove off.

this was supposed to be a reflection shot. that little girl steals the show. adore this frame.

hello this is craig. he lives in germany and came down to see madrid with me for a few days. first time exploring a city in all of my travel, with another person. turns out it’s not all that bad.

this was not PG. decided to post the one PG shot i got. also, i’m a creeper, i know.

ice cream. gelato. errrrrery day.

best ,20 i’ve spent.

most wonderful version of ava maria. incredible.

i’ve heard dunkin donuts coffee is close to heaven or a kiss from brad pitt. had my first there.


she was beyond beautiful. srsly. love this moment caught.

one of 3 pictures i have of myself on the trip. “I was trying to do something creative.” thanks craig.

1,50 euro. very happy that my first whatever those are called was in spain. so delicious.

never thought i’d of gone to spain before thailand or greece. but i’m glad i did. amazing light. tapas. barely any english. walking everywhere. simplicity. wonderful city, madrid.

next up, my images from sweden.

by Andria

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jeff marsh whoa. love it all. every frame. i love travel photography. still trying to figure out how to get paid to do it.

Nicole Srsly! Frame 22 and the grandpa wheeling his hunnie across the street… how can I get a copy? Wall worthy :)

jill you have no idea how much i love this.

jsa majorly jeals. love the trip through your eyes.

Nathan Parker Killer! So much goodness packed into this one. Enjoyed looking through it. Now I must visit Spain.

KT Barnes 1. love the juggling pic. perfect timing to capture that.
2. that sweet treat is a macaroon darling.

Kirsten I love these. Love travel images and these are so good. Really made me want to get on a plane right now.

Erica G Such beautiful pictures! Make me want to go to Spain even more then before!

//Dani Andria, amazing. I love Spain (people, style, food, everything) and I love how you captured this. This country totally fits your editing style, btw. One question I have since I’m following: Which lenses do you use for your wide shots (Tilt-Shift and?) Thx, Dani

lynda you are so inspiring. it’s like christmas morning when i go to my blog reader to see if you have a new post. i love your work and always feel inspired when i see your personal photos. what lens do you prefer to take with you for documenting your trips like this?

Amber Ahhh! I was in Barcelona earlier in the year. We also did a Mediterranean cruise. This made me homesick for travel. Is that the right terminology?! Haha. My heart actually ached looking at your photos. Thank you for sharing. These are from our trip, my good friend took them. (The first 7 shots are from Honduras.)

lonniewebb so beautiful!

Meg Lindquist I love seeing so many things you experienced there. Looks like an awesome place. But i’m sure you made it look even cooler than it is. Love you Poopoo! You are awesome.

Tonhya Kae beautiful. just beautiful. wish so bad it would have worked out with us going together. next time for sure :)

Noelle Shumer Absolutely beautiful. I love travel images, there is none like them. These remind me of my time in Thailand and it makes me want to go back. Or anywhere, really. Just beautiful :)

Stephen Cox Street shooting is awesome and you do it VERY well. I love your shots in the church. They are absolutely gorgeous.