erica & tyler: married

you can live your life without actually being in it.

a wedding day can exist, go according as planned, a perfect timeline. rings exchanged, cake eaten. by definition, a wedding.

but what i’ve seen and come to appreciate in weddings. the thing that has me smitten with my career and changed the my own perspective on life.

its the rare days i am able to present with two people and the circle that supports them….two people who i watch and take note of with imagery, those people who realize a wedding is not about the flavor of the cake or the perfectly organized wedding binder; it’s about being in – mentally, spiritually, emotionally – each and every minute of their wedding day. 

those few times when the moments before he gets to turn and see his bride are agonizing. he just wants her to be by his side.  

and when she cares about the fact that today signifies she gets to be with him for the rest of her life. 

it’s not about the things, it’s about the people. not every day i get to shoot has this feeling. but when it does, it’s magic and i find myself wanting to relive those days. luckily, there are images i hope that do justice to what we all felt that day. i am there, in moments that no one else is. i am incredibly aware of that and the ways it’s changed me. i have gotten to be present in midst of some incredible love, and it’s just not something that words can ever explain.

this was one of those days.

we want to get ready in our new house. we dont have any furniture besides a chair and a bed, but i think it will be fun to look back on and remember when we moved in our first house and had nothing. 

the boys got ready in a rad old spokane home. i’l take shooting prep time in a house over anything….any day.

very nice.

forever, a favorite.

stop right there. dannnnng girl.

crazy about this.

*that* is a cake table.

BIGGEST of congrats to the new couple. i felt welcomed and as family on this day. it was beyond a joy to shoot. here’s to days that leave a mark on me. 

as i move forward in my career and onto new couples and new seasons. one thing i can say, it is not my aim to be a corporate wedding photographer. i would rather shoot 10 amazing, unique, reflective of the couple weddings. people who appreciate the process and trust me. i’d rather that than a big bank account, say i shoot 30+ weddings a year, travel. it’s the people and i look forward to more days like this and more couples who give me the incredible opportunity to be a part of something rare.

by Andria

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Tonhya Kae one of your best my dear.

Emily Flynn Haha. SO many familiar faces at this wedding. Nice work!

KT Barnes ^ what she said. your best dance pics yet. is that brett hite i spy with my little eye?

Erica P.W. CRAZY about these! A HUGE thanks to Andria for perfectly capturing the emotions and energy of our day!!

Caitlin R. LOVE! Such a beautiful couple! My heart fills with love reliving this!

Jessica You are amazing!! Love this.

mae this post is nuts. phenomenal work.

Gabriel Incredible. And agree with you in the end.

Julia Manchik Dance photos are stellar! Beautiful all around (love the quirky details while getting ready).

carmen und ingo amazing wedding. love the ts shots!