hello from spain.

never said that before. this morning i went out as i always do when in a new city. no idea really what i want to do. but with a map in hand and so much excitement all bottled. up. what will i see today? it’s the best, the first day in a city you’ve never been. like an 18 year old boy on his college campus, just ready to conquer and swoop in on so many ladies. just like that.

i was sitting in the plaza mayor  (the first place i went, thanks for the tip jill *high five*) watching all sorts of people walk by, eating lunch of spaghetti under an umbrella, which was nothing of spaghetti at all, and it hit me. that traveleuphoria. it comes a few times when abroad. just so full of joy and calm and perfection being just where you are and realizing just where you are. you have to stop in that moment and appreciate it. there are many emotions that flll you when traveling: tired, sore, lost, over-eaten, starving, about to pee your pants, awe-struck.

and then there’s the euphoria. travel makes me whole, i dont care. a week or a month abroad. it’s part of my life that i will make sure to always have present.

you make time for what’s important, and make excuses for what is not. 

i hate one image posts. especially with what i shot today. the sun was glorious and spain offered so much good to shoot. but its late and i have one image. i picked this one because it was almost by accident. didn’t check my exposure just saw a lady walking and shot it.

just inside this square, where the sun is coming from, is the spot i was talking about above. it’s also where i paid a man .20 euro who’s head was coming out of a stroller dressed up as an infant. i laughed out loud so much. it was way worth that ,20.

hope you’re well. I’m coming home in a few days, so I’m soaking up these moments.

currently at a hostel in the middle of madrid. i forget how many people you come across from all over when at a hostel. staying with a guy from italy and an aussie gal. lots of accents, not too much english.

also, thanks to my clients and those waiting on emails and images. I know you’re waiting….I appreciate your patience. i do. I’ll be back to reality soon.


by Andria

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KT Barnes not soon enough!

Jordan i so much envy your life. and how do you know jill? i was going to send you a link to her stuff a few weeks back but of course you already know her. crazy.

Jen Woods Andi – I LOVE this photo. I totally understand the concept of travel euphoria and this post makes me want to get on a plane. To anywhere. ASAP. Thanks girl!

Meg Lindquist Awesome shot and update on Spain. Don’t get too trusting or unaware of people. Be careful! Love you….

jill yes yes yes. high fiving you back and wishing i could be there too!

Loni you’re in Spain!?! so jealous! while in madrid you should go see the ancient egyptian ruins. they are amazing and its a perfect spot to catch the sunset and people watch. They are in a park i think on the southern part of town. not 100% sure tho. have fun!