jen & brett

i get to learn quite a deal about my couples on their wedding day.

things no one else sees, teary eyed vows in front of many and speeches on their story and character and love.

and when i walk away from their wedding, i feel like i know exactly who they are. 

jen and brett are quality. they are real, they are down to earth, they are friends. she can keep up with him in sports and he is so sweet in her presence. a perfect warm mist of rain came through as they read their vows to each other. there was a romantic hush among the guests. this day was wonderfully simple and so perfect. in the backyard of all backyards.

that guy was a frickin hoot. get fun vendors. it’s awesome.

i made them do this. obviously. if they would have really committed it would have been epic. but i still love it.

love this guy.

all outdoor weddings are a game changer. i’ll say that.

congrats you two, and on your new east coast married life. 

this was a very special wedding to be a part of. the same man who officiated my sister’s wedding, he and his wifey have been very special in my life. people i knew as a 15 year old girl in church. people who treat me as family. i love reunion weddings.

by Andria

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Julia Manchik The one in the trees where he’s kissing her forehead is the perfect photo. And naturally, the kid with the glow stick under his nose.

Tonhya Kae absolutely beautiful andi pandi. as always.

Lacey I *think* this is my favorite wedding of yours yet! This looks like a GREAT time and your photos carry such life and joy and love! And the one of them sharing their first dance (i’m assuming…) … just lovely…

Nicole Backyard weddings are my FAV! I totally know the singer cami. Spokane is a small place.

Jim I have told friends that this was the perfect day. Your shots back that up and more. They are timeless and priceless memories for our little girl and our new son. Thank you Andria.

Anja I love this wedding, it´s so lively. Great work Andria!

J Shoda Phenomenal work. This wedding looks like it was a blast to shoot.

Chelsea Abril Ah, Andria.
Looking at your work always makes my day so much better. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. <3

Jim Trull Hi Andi- I didn’t realize these were on your site until yesterday (1-18-12). Great pics as always- but I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and let you know we love you very much and we’re very proud of you and the wonderful person you are!

Bianca Just stumpeled upon your blog. Wonderful work, full of life, full of love. Thanks for sharing.