christian & laura: married in cannon beach

i have been to well over 150 weddings now. thanks to my pre-photography wedding planner life.

and out of those 150 weddings. 150 vows. and 150 “i do’s” 150 venues ….it’s the people i remember, it’s those who cannot wipe that smile off their face. it’s the couple that would make no sense if they weren’t together. it’s the people i remember. 

and in as much as we love a wedding with quirky fun details and a bride that’ll knock your socks off, without that connection and 2 people who were made for each other…it is not the same.

christian and laura’s cannon beach wedding came in with a surprise: a downpour of rain. a downpour. literally 4 minutes into shooting their portraits, we were hit with a downpour. and a beach wedding became something else. plans changed. ceremony changed and people sopping wet. but this day remained being centered around what it was supposed to. christian and laura. 

in as much as you plan for your wedding, or your relationship…or your life, things change. but remaining rooted in love and in each other was the anchor for these two.

and her smile was still the same.

Congrats to Christian and Laura. love you guys.

all the good taste and darling details came from hard work from the bride herself.

by Andria

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Tonhya Kae I think this is actually one of my favorite of yours. : )


Laura You never cease to amaze me.
Outstanding job, Andria!

Nicole So good. One of my favs!

Melissa Love the photo of Laura’s dress through the window :) Love your work Andi!

Jordan just absolutely remarkable stuff, lady. so so great! on of my favorites so far.

Rachel Nickel you are the absolutely stunning.

Kirsten Stunning work. I am loving your editing even more lately, too. It’s so soft and ‘linen-like’.

Dana Laur, your pictures are beautiful!!! What a stunning bride!! I miss and love you!!

Kat Healy That photo of the garter on her leg is AMAZING!!! Makes me want to get married just so you can shoot it.

Laura Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about these photos. We can’t thank you enough! You are so incredibly talented!!

Carlee M beautiful photos!! you have such a way of telling their story!!

Ben Sorte Friggin amazing. These are fantastic

RF i wish i was a guest at this wedding. it just looks like good times/people/food/place/details. feelin’ it.