i’ve traveled far more by myself than with anyone else.

really only taken one big trip with people.

there’s a lot of time by yourself and a lot of singing in the car. but i love traveling alone. and then i dont love it. but for seeing something and deciding on it as soon as i want it, i love that part of traveling alone.

i’ve been wanting to stop of this ‘scenic viewpoint’ since i was 17. since i was driving in a yellow school bus to seattle for a big track meet. for all the times driving in the snow over to christmas in spokane. every time the sun was blaring, i always wanted to see these horses. which, of course, i thought were real as a little girl in the back of my mom’s maroon van. “hey andi, look at those horses up on that mountain!” 

part of travel, that i’ve learned what’s its actually about…is stopping and being willing to derail your path for something when you see it.

no one likes step of their life planned out. 

a spilt second before his mom yelled to him to come to the car, i got this. he was just enjoying the gusts of wind. simple pleasures.

i’ll have a wedding up for you next.


by Andria

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Quinn love these photos.and all our trips to Spokane during college. xo

N They are real… if you want them to be.

Ryan KTB’s best friend I drove through that area and over that bridge on my way to meet KT back in July. your pictures are maybe a little bit better than mine though. MAYBE.

Dave Pina Andy – Congratulations on your successes as a professional photographer, you are very creative and I am very happy for you. Best Wishes – Quinn’s Dad.