those pillars

i used to come here as a little girl.

this has been my grandparents church for 20 years.

somehow, i never saw the front end of this church until erica and tyler were getting married there yesterday. i fell in love. it reminds me of europe. it reminds me of paris and sitting at some major tourist attraction after a long walk, i of course cant remember the name now, and getting kicked off the front steps for eating lunch there.

i love 100% of everything i shot yesterday. here’s a frame that sticks out.

i’m downloading some new music and hitting the road back to seattle. angus & julia stone. bryan john appleby.  foster the people.  hey marseilles. 

by Andria

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J Shoda winner.

Marita gorgeous! reminds me of Europe also. can’t wait to see the rest!

Lacey Sigh… this is stunning.

Sarah Paulus Stunning…oh, yes…but I’m talking about the bride. She’s my daughter.
Thank you, Andria!