estacada, sale OR.

this is jayme.

got back from a lovely HOT weekend in oregon. here for 4 days then i drive away again.


by Andria

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catherine I’m dying to see more of these photos!! Looks like it’s just my style. She looks beautiful and the photo feels very bohemian :) excited to see more!

Shirley Lippincott Beautiful picture, Jayme Dukart, beloved granddaughter. Wonder what you were thinking? You don’t look nervous. Could you be weary? You worked so hard the week before the wedding. Were you relieved? All the work was done. Now you could just enjoy the event. Anxious to be Mike’s wife? I hope so. This is perhaps the best of the many pictures. A moment when it seemed you were unaware of the camera, and were deep within yourself. May the Lord bless you in this marriage, dear. Mike’s a good man. Together you can share love, goals, and dreams. Even the rough spots can be growing experiences. Love you both. Gramma