cannon beach

made my way down to cannon beach yesterday. the last time i was here, I was a little girl in my green adidas coat (I’ll admit, the only way i remembered how to spell adidas was because of that crude elementary acronym) with my four siblings, family, watching my dad furiously dig for clams in the early morning. no one ever gets those damn clams, do they?

i pulled up the beach in my little rental subaru and absolutely felt that tourist excitement. i don’t ven care, oohh ahhh there’s that big rock! well, that rock stays cool for about 3 minutes. today, christian & laura get married.

the weeks have been breezing by without any concern for my schedule or productivity, let alone sleep. shooting 2 weddings a weekend this summer means i’m a dead person on monday, but i try to work. tuesday and wednesday i give my best effort to put in long days working, peppered with a meeting or a shoot, talking to 2012 brides, saying goodbyes to friend’s who are moving. then thursday…if I’m shooting a friday wedding is a travel/prep day. the weeks really do fly by.

on my way out here, (like always) i was totally sucked in to the new road i was on and the amazing things on the other side of my window. i know my camera is in the back seat, it’s so impossible not to want to step every minute. if you come on a road trip with me, i will probably annoy the crap outta you with all my stops. but the thing is, i dont want to just to get to where i’m going. or let myself be rushed just to get in front of my email.

i’m seeing that working 7 days a week, the in between or the drive to, is my relax and my sabbath. so here’s what that looks like. 

i really sure do hope i don’t sound like a sad little puppy. there’s nothing else i would be doing. ever. i sure wouldn’t wish to be on my couch. but this is my first full season with a schedule like this and it takes some getting adjusted to. this is not normal. i can’t seem to kick this exhausted feeling, cannot.  but I’m so excited to where my amazing couples and weddings are taking me.

tomoro, I’ll be up at 5 am to fly to J&G’s wedding in spokane. which means, they took me to where my family is. that is a treat. i can barely wait to see my little avalee & malachi. 

if you’d like to know: i have not been able to stop listening to Marissa Maharaj’s new EP. or even tried. i like to spread the word on good things. so you should give her a go in your ear holes.

by Andria

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