well hello.

it’s been a little, where the deuce have you been andi pandi?

i’ve been here and there and a few spots in between.

i’ve been shooting heaps.

i’ve been moving…and happy to say all moved in our new place (which boasts an office for yours truly)

i’ve been trying out some new things editing wise

i’ve been going to bed pretty late and dreaming about some weird stuff

i’ve been almost dying from allergies

i’ve been wearing (2) feathers in my hair

i’ve been 4th of july’ing & taking a girl who’s back from africa out on a 3 hour talk talk talk sushi date

i’ve been super amped on what i’ve been shooting. like x’s 1000. as this time of year brings be back to couples i shot a few months back, well now it’s their wedding and we’re reunited and the past 3 weddings, I’ve squealed and screamed upon seeing my bride. you wudda thought i was being reunited with my long lost sister who was found at sea.

i’ve been loving everybody and everything and working hard.

i have not been blogging much though. so, in order to bring you a little up to speed and give love to everyone at once. i handpicked a few frames from my past weeks for you to see. 

this breaks my rule. i never. NEVER. edit our of order or grab a few images from a shoot before it’s their turn, but i made a few exceptions because i have been so in love with what i’ve been getting and i knew it’d be weeks before it’s turn to edit.

so. hope you enjoyed my rule breaking blog today. cheers.

by Andria

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lydia {ever ours} more more!!

Kirsten You know I always love your work, Andria. These are fantastic.

Kelley Face Allergies!! ME TOOOO. LOVE the pic of Jess, SO GLAM.

Nirav Bring it. And also the sexy set that Tonhya was talking about on twitter 😉

daniel usenko like freaking AWESOME yo!