WEDDING: Tanner & Katie

the moments leading up to that moment are just as sweet. just as important.

up to when you meet that person. up to when you know. up to when you walk down the aisle.

it’s often the moments in the up to… that I love. that tell the story.

katie and tanner are picturesque. she is confident, energetic, easy going, and a true friend.  he is motivated, kind hearted, composed, the kind others look up to and follow. they make a pair that do not go unnoticed. together since high school and finally joined back together after years of long distance. the way he looks at her and loves her without holding back. the way she is his perfect complement and brings joy to any room she walks into. it is only way their love should have been celebrated, this day was perfect.

their love struck me.

that house was my dream spot to shoot getting ready. ah, the light.

family brooches

DIY from the bride herself. bridesmaid gifts.

what a strapping lad. my favorite was all the bridesmaids individually seeing tanner and then reporting back to the bride, “katie….tanner looks soooooooooo good.”

love this. so feminine and perfect.

that house kills me. so amazing.


my my my. i grin over this frame every time.

i could have imagined a more perfect day for these two. i could not have imagined being so emotionally tied to a wedding and to clients who are so perfect for me.

i left this day so inspired by love. these two, their story, their essence….swept me away. just by one day of watching and observing what true honest and real devotion to one another looks like.

the biggest of congratulations to tanner and katie.

Their wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty – you can see the FEATURE HERE. 

by Andria

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Katie Derrig Oh my gosh, every single picture made me melt. Tanner and Katie have such an inspiring love for each other and you got such amazingly dreamy shots! I LOVE all the nose nuzzling. Those are my fave :) love you guys! And well done andria!!! :)

Kirsten Stunning job, Andria. I love their portraits.

Lisa K What a great idea for the bouquet!! I love every single shot, especially the one with all the family and friends watching the first look from inside the house. Cute!

Jonas Seaman Love that dress shot!! : )

Rico best garter ever! Rad pics too!

Liz Oh my gosh the one of them looking at each other and smiling during their ceremony… Dying! Freaking amazing.

Also, love her shoes! They’re hot!

benj haisch this is where it’s at.

Karen Great pic’s, as we are used from you. Love this weddingdress…it’s gorgeos!

Cara Roman Andria, you are the people’s photographer. I felt like I was there. Your work is wondrous.

lydia {ever ours} so freaking perfect.

Ozzy Garcia I Love the feeling and emotion, beautiful imagery !

Ozzy Garcia I love the feeling and emotion in these, beautiful work

Andrea One of my favorite weddings that you have shot! So gorg! Great Job!

Wedding Websites Hey Great.. wedding planning Ideas.. Thank you very much Amazing picture you are sharing..

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