engagement: heather & jeff

i’m learning a great deal about love as of late.

i’m learning that sometimes they meet as kids, when she is obsessed with american girl dolls and he just “one of those triplet boys” at church.

i’m learning how the family supports and comes along side them in joy when they know it’s right.

how a simple question about what she admires most about him brings tears down her cheeks.

that he peppers her with sweet compliments at times unexpected.

and she is so giddy in love, there isn’t a chance that pretty smile will leave her face.

i learning a lot about love. and in the one day of meeting and one afternoon of shooting, i learned what it looks like being in the presence of perfectly fitting love.

they told me in advance. we’d like to get shot at a house with ivy…just like the one we imagine living in. found this house when i missed my turn on the way to their shoot. sometimes it just works like that.

heather’s parents are impossibly so cute and excited for their e-session, they prepared a whole kit and game. cards prompting them to relive some of their favorite moments in their relationship and about each other.


favorite expression.

somehow found our way onto a roof. always a good sign.

the feeling and emotion of this day brought the biggest high for me. it’s actually unexplainable, but it’s the high that i can only hope for. shooting them was effortless and their joy & energy fed mine in the best of ways. there is no way to appropriately find words to fill the feeling of this day. so i’ll just leave it at what we shot.

it has already been overwhelmingly a blessing to have met these two. and to feel the excitement they and their family have in me playing a part in their wedding…it means so much to me.

heather and jeff will be married in september and i’m counting the days until I see them become husband and wife.

WANT TO SEE MORE OF THESE TWO? –> i honestly had the hardest time choosing the images to put up. there were too many. if you’d like to see the whole set, you can go over to my FACEBOOK PAGE to see more.

by Andria

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carly Impossibly good, Andria…

Nathan This is money. Awesome job Andria!

Carrie Heather is just gorgeous! What a beautiful bride-to-be!!

Ashleigh LOVE these!! So gorgeous!!

mom Ok she has the most Gorgeous Hair ever, wow she is gonna be a stunning Bride.. Shots are awesome makeup is bomb!!

Jonas Seaman Gorgeousness… and such a cute couple!

Sarah Nickel The last picture is beyond beautiful. Beautiful shoot!

John (Dad) Andria you are so gifted! We are so blessed! I will scribe more later. Momma says

Courtney Every image in this set is complete perfection! Lovely work and beautiful couple!!!

ryan flynn so money. i’ve been waiting for these.

John (Dad) Andria,Amazing day Heather and Jeff are still singing about the day, the experience, and you!! Truly Special, shall we say anointed! I will leave you with a text I received from Heather’s God Parent. “I looked at the photos on the blog, wow!!! What amazing work and beautiful pictures……..It is pure Art :-).We couldn’t agree more. Someday I will share the ground work that led up to you becoming Heather and Jeff’s Photographer and friend. Thanks a million!

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