wedding: kelsey & ben

they say bride’s have this glow about them.

and i’ve seen it, and it’s completely true. but on may 6th, there was a girl who had this beaming radiance about her. there may have been something that went wrong or unplanned, you’d never know it. being in her presence and seeing the way she looked at ben was simply perfect.

this day was about family, and all that supported them. this day was about love, and celebrating something that started while being oceans apart from each other. but most of all, this day just about kelsey and ben. nothing trumped the emotion that these two had found each other.

and i was so happy to be in the midst of that kind of love.

kelsey and ben’s relationship formed while she was in italy and he, the states. so, italy is a very special part of their relationship. start to finish, their wedding had beautiful italian touches.

i’m crazy about this one and the look on their faces.

braving the downpour, in the ONE spot of covered outdoor area.

love this moment. so typical, girls.

then came the dancing. and let me tell you, i got thrown around like a sock in the dryer. but man o man, was that dance floor going off with sweat covered amazingness.


yes, that’s the bride’s father.

this 5 year old stud showed up EVERYONE on the dance floor.

Thank you to Ben and Kelsey and their family for having me be a part of this day….to her mom for embracing me and me feel just how excited they were that i was there to capture the day.

this day was exactly how a wedding should be.


Kelsey was so kind to send over “A Note From the Bride…”

Ben proposed to me on September 19. I emailed Andria and asked her to be our wedding photographer on September 21. Let’s just say that after months of following (or “stalking”) her work and having the privilege of knowing her personally in college, I knew we had a gem of a photographer on our hands.

I knew I liked her work, and I also knew I was excited to work with her over the most exciting nine months of my life, but I never expected to love her passionate approach to photography as much as I did.

Working with Andria was a dream not only for me but also for Ben. Neither of us had any experience being professionally shot by a photographer, and frankly it intimidated both of us and we were nervous that our shoots might be forced or awkward. Obviously, we had no experience working with Andria. She’s incredibly care-free and has the unique ability to make everyone involved in the shoot so natural, confident, and comfortable. I distinctly remember after she snapped our first few engagement pictures and removed her camera from her neck, and looked at both Ben and me and said, “Relax guys – this is going to be an awesome shoot and we’re going to have a blast today.”  And that’s exactly what we did.

After a dreamy/snowy engagement shoot in the in Snoqualmie, I was nothing short of giddy to have Andria be a part of our wedding day. It was unquestionably the best day of our lives and having the confidence in our photographer to accurately capture the emotion of that day just made the entire experience that much more perfect. Unlike the often stereotyped wedding photographer who controls so many aspects of a wedding and bosses people into positions, Andria’s presence only complimented the day and she was simply there to capture and document what was organically happening, rather than force a moment and capture what she envisioned.

Andria has an unprecedented combination of gifts. The one that essentially goes without saying is her talented eye for photography. More importantly though is her capability to interact with her “clients” as if they are her closest family members or best friends. Her passion for her work spills into every communication you have with her. She’s truly one of a kind and I am so glad that the visual memories of our wedding, which we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives, were in her hands.


Venue: Lord Hill Farms (one of my, now, most favorite favorite venues)

DJ: A Sounds Unlimited (Travis)

Wedding planning/coordination/print design: Plume Wedding Concepts (Barb & Stephen Whipple)

Floral Design: Lloydine Linman

Cupcakes: Posh Cupcake  (Lisa Pederson)

by Andria

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kevin Alright these are awesome.

La Lune Events Andria, you capture moments so beautifully! This wedding is gorgeous! We especially love the pops of yellow all over!

Gabriel Speechless. These are incredible Andria!

Andrea The bathroom picture is awesome! That’s prize worthy. I kinda want a print of that! So typical

Chelsey Andria, these are amazing! You can just feel the happiness, love and fun everyone was experiencing. Your work always leaves me speechless. I had so much fun looking at this post.. Along with all the others.. But this one truly captivated me. Simply beautiful darling! xo

Kelsey I’m in love with every single photo. You nailed it, girl. Thank you. Thank you.

sizzle That’s one hell of a rec from her! As always, amazing photos.

ryan flynn so well done.

Tasha Treat Andi you did it again! What an amazing portrayal of a beautiful day!! I seriously LOOOOOVE how you captured the day and the essence of the entire wedding!

Ashli AHH I AM DYING!!! KELSEY YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! Andi so amazing what you can do with a camera!!!!

Lisa Andria, your work is remarkable. Thank you for capturing this day for our family. It was a pleasure to have you be apart of it.

Kim A These pictures are amazing! I can’t wait for all the weddings you will post this summer!

daniel usenko Really amazing work, Andria