there will be a time.

it’s easy sometimes. to let an idea, that is at present on the back burner, get forgotten.

but it’s still there.

it’s so easy sometimes. to not entertain the idea of love, even though you may see it at every corner.

but there are days when the love is so dense, is so present between two people, that you can’t escape its sweet intoxication.

it is expressed in his interrupting her mid sentence with a kiss on the head. it is expressed when i am one car back and i can see her resting her head on his shoulder.

it is expressed with a smile that only he knows, and a memory only they share. it is expressed in their stories being knit together and them choosing to emit that love to everyone they encounter.

and these days inspire me beyond belief and remind me, there will be a time.

this is heather and jeff and i have a session up my sleeve that knocked my very socks off.

but for now, let this hold you over.

by Andria

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Tahiti Huetter wow. beautiful. gahhh

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