i hold so tight and so dear, the fact that a camera and lens can bring me where it does.

and that this time, it brought me into tiffany’s living room.

sitting across from her the first time we met, i felt like i was looking at so much of the woman i’d like to be in years future. she unfolded her story to me. one of chasing her passion full on. loving independence. of travel to here and there and probably too much jet lag. of surrounding yourself with those people that inspire you. being a doer and loyal always to your vision. of being a one that creates and is good at what she does. to being and living and embracing your passion, one that is emitted out of your every pore.

and even though this was the first time i sat across from her, i could help but feel such a connection to the heart behind the life she has created.

to not just having your life. but to inject it with those things that make it full and sweet and to make a story behind the years you live. of being a strong, confident and talented woman. i cherish the people my camera takes me to.

she is a gem.

i cant remember what was said here, but i love this moment caught.

i have been known to have a few pack rat tendencies. i often cannot separate memories from an item i own. she came down in this led zeppelin shirt, it’s worn and tattered, with holes….and i’m sure many memories. a few minutes of gorgeous light and this little lady in front of my camera, and i’m a happy girl.

i filled about as many cards on this day as i do a wedding. woops.  sometimes, it just works that way. she is impossibly easy to shoot…..and you may see her back up here again.

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.” – Annie Leibovitz

by Andria

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Kris O Gotta love this.

Janelle she is GORGEOUS! and your work as always is STUNNING!

Tanya the lighting of this is beautiful! and her glasses are killer!

Serena Dinh What are you favorite lens for portrait photography?
The pictures are fabulous.

julie harmsen gorgeous. love her hair.