howell family

it’s kind of like hide and seek.


you can do what you do and you may even be good at it, but being found by someone that allows you to live right in the sweet spot of your craft, being found by someone who trusts you and wants to be a part of what you envision, being found by someone who somehow brings the talent out of you in a new way that words fail to tell.

and that’s what this day was about. i got found in the best way i could.

this beautiful family are fresh out of LA and now seattle residents. have lived a go-go-go life of jet-set travel, work work work, a love for music, met while working on the set of the movie, directing videos of some of the biggest names in music, creating a company that is out of her passion, came to seattle on whim for an opportunity……and then in the midst of living their passion, comes sweet Arlo. and that’s why they brought me in. and tiffany says he is the most incredible experience she’s ever been a part of.

this is their family.

stop right there. this images kills me.


king arlo.

these two, they know how to be in front of the camera.

i can’t explain the high i had after this session. a moment i’ll always want to relive, but never able to recreate. that’s what came to my mind as i drove away. and not just because of them, and not just because of me, but because when you get found in just the right way, two things come together and create something in just the way it’s supposed to be.

these are the days i love.

and once it all was wrapped, tiffany came down in an old led zeppelin shirt. and because i couldn’t stop….or didn’t want to, we shot some really gorgeous images of her that i’ll be showing tomoro.

so, i’ll be back tomoro with more of tiffany, her old raggity tee, and the type of light that makes me go crazy.

by Andria

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Tonhya Kae Love love love.

KT Barnes king arlo = session fave. so perfect. tiffany looks super familiar too…hmmm

alyssa LOVE IT!!!

Tanya what an amazing house and precious little baby! love!

nima ever exposure/frame is awesomesauce!!

ryan flynn so good. not just the baby’s hair… the whole shoot.

katie. the one of all three of them standing in the front door. perfection. can’t wait to see tomorrow.

Jonna love this shoot – their home – the light – those chubby wrists – and I kind of want to be tiffany :)

Benjamin wow// amazing.

brittney gorgeous family. well done andi.

Kirsten Mavric Ridiculously great. Such a beautiful family.

alison Hare cutest family and little guy ever. i want to be just like them when i grow up and have a little famdamski of my own. amazing shoot, perfect photos andiiiii!

Matthew Long oh my god, can’t believe I’ve only just found you. amazing images, amazing light, new hero! these are sorts of family shoots I dream about taking.

Lisa Davis Love #50! Speaks volumes!!

Michael I love this whole set, great emotions, it felt as if I was there also!

Anja “King Arlo”, love it!
What a beautiful day in the life of the Howell family captured. Just being.
Impossible to name a fave but for I kinda love the one of Arlo reaching for Dad’s coffee mug. Dad playing peekaboo. And don’t even get me started on Tiffany. Love that another, impromptu shoot came from this.