**May’s Music Buffet**

you know how buffets kind of have a bad wrap?

well, I’ve got a treat for you.

a music buffet. but only the best. and only the newest tunes that have been filling my ear holes.

i’m so excited to tell you, because when i get really excited about something….i juuuuuuuuust gotta tell somebody.

so anyway. i know you’re probably thinkin like, “andria, you’re a photographer…you cant like music. you can’t tell us what to like. you think you’re mussolini?” well you know what, as long as my name’s at the top of this blog, you’ll listen to me. and only me. but really. you know you like it. music has been a seed that has been growing and growing in my life and heart. i just love you seattle and all the good music you have. it’s a wonderful beautiful thing. and community.¬†and i’m happy that i skip down the road and see a show, hang out and be around people that love what they do just as much as i do. it’s mesmerizing to be around it. i feel right at home.

and i need to share. —-> and make sure you read the descriptions….cuz my words are like gold. duh.

and if you want all this for yourself…..LEAVE A COMMENT and I’ll send you the playlist to have for your own ear holes.

MOTOPONY: you know how you meet someone and you dont know what they do, so you dont have the chance to be admire their art there in the flesh? but then you have a lovely afternoon to chat and walk through a forest and then you hear their album and find out it’s really frickin good. and their songwriting is really so saturated with talent and unlike anything else. and you edit to the album several times over in the day? ya, well that’s Motopony.

plus their album release is today. you should buy it like i did.

SLOW RUNNER: you know how you go to a show of someone’s music you’re obsessed with (William Fitzsimmons) and then the guy opening for him is equally as good and you fall in love then and there? ya, well that’s Slow Runner.

CATALDO: you know how you find out about someone you think you just may like, then before you know it…..you’re singing it in the shower and playing it over & over & over and editing to it all day long and want to marry the music and offer to have a Notes From Home show in your living room this very thursday and then come to find out that very guy will be performing in your very living room? ya, well that’s Cataldo.

BON IVER: you know how a movie is like super amazing and everybody talks about it and goes nuts and then the sequel comes out and it sucks big time? ya well, that’s nothing like Bon Iver’s new album. it’s delicious

NIKKI KUMMEROW: you know how all the music you listen to is guys and you think, man this isn’t fair to the ladies! bring on the talent and you find someone so lovely that you want to play as you walk through cute seattle neighborhoods with a pretty sunset in sight? ya, well Nikki Kummerow is a girl, and you should know her sound.

KRIS ORLOWSKI: you know how you have a friend and their really talented and then they debut their really talented piece to the world and then you want everybody else to enjoy it too? ya, well that’s Kris Orlowski.

JUSTIN VERNON: you know how you stumble upon something that you just know that will fit perfectly that sound you need on a dark dreary sad rainy day and want to lulled? ya, well that’s Justin Vernon.

CURTAINS FOR YOU: you know how you see a show with a band that can barely hold still and had energy like crazy and it just makes you happy and you like listening to it because it makes you hop all around hop-scotch style? ya, well that’s Curtains For You.

ALEXI MURDOCH: you know how you are given someone’s music and it’s just really legit and calm and soothing? ya, well that’s Alexi Murdoch.

**mid day bonus** – JUSTIN NOZUKA: you know how there’s this guy who has a voice soft as your gramma’s hanky and you’ve been in love with his music for years and then he comes out with a new album FINALLY? ya, well that’s Justin Nozuka.


also. here’s a few other things.

one of my best friends got married last weekend. i was in california from thursday to sunday. so that’s why i wasn’t blogging or talking.

but i did something fun and captured it all via cross process and 8mm video. and i’m gonna show it to you! yahoo.

i started putting stuff on my very own Tumblr. ahh one more thing to add stuff to.

see, there…..there’s no chance today wont be a fabulous day. take THAT tuesday.

LEAVE A COMMENT so i know you want THIS PLAYLIST SENT TO YOU. yahoooo.

by Andria

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Tanya love alllll of these artists! so excited for this music! hope the wedding was beautiful!

nichole Sounds like a golden playlist! Loving your work of late lady!

Christine Widstrom Christine Widstrom wants some music lovin’. Get me through finals, Andria, puh-lease.

Lauren I’m a fan of Kris and Bon Iver… would love the play list to hear some more great music!

rach Playlist playlist playlist! YES!

Jordan lend me some music lovin, pwetty andi.

amber I’d love some new music :) zbitnoff@gmail.com

Brooke Girl, every song you’ve shared I’ve fallen in love with ten times. Make me fall in love again!!

KT Barnes um can i just have the motopony? released yesterday yeahhhhh!

KBrady Hey hey! I’d love some new music please — always so good! :) kennis.brady@gmail.com

Haley Krommenhoek I’d LOVE some new music! :) Keep up all the good work!

Ashlee Zink Playlist please! My itunes is so enriched because of you :)