brett hite

sometimes what you love finds you.

and it wont let you go.

but no matter what it takes, time lost sleeping or nights on the road, you’d be empty without it. so really, there’s no question, it’s always worth it.

at least, at the end of the day be thankful for your passion. because without it, you’d be an unset arrow, dull and void.

these are the things and topics that filled our time shooting together. an early early morning, when others were driving into work, he and i set out aimlessly into the city, only to find the most perfect completely illegal spot to shoot. and even if i did get locked alone in a staircase having to be rescued and he spent 47% of the time wiping his watery eyes (no really, it was like 76% of the time), we got some dang good stuff. meet brett.

wait a minute. session FAV. yep.

ok i HAD to post a picture of this. had to. all morning, he could barely open his eyes without tears streaming down his cheeks. he kept telling me it was because shooting with me was such a spiritual experience, but really i just think the guys’ got sensitive eyes. you can decide for yourselves. and since most people can never tell thru my text, I’m being sarcastic friends.

oh, you know plays music right? carried a guitar and sings. yea, well he does. you can wonder over HERE and listen to his sound.

and yes, he is playing this week at the showbox. opening for Hot Bodies in Motion. who i also shot and will be up tomoro. yea, it’s a good week for imagery and for music.

tickets HERE.

this day ended in a huge spread of a beautiful portage bay breakfast and good conversation. this was a lovely day.

by Andria

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Rachel Nickel Dang, Gina. So amazing. When you pursue your passion, it is emotional. Love it!

Marissa Love it. Awesome work. xo

Jason Williams His hair is super RAD. :) And those B&W’s just keep getting better and better. Smooth.

Tonhya Kae Love. His. Hair. : )

KT Barnes very chris cush-esque. love it girl.


sizzle Either everyone you shoot is good looking or you capture their beauty with your lens. Both? 😉 More good music recs- thanks! He’s got heart throb good looks a la James Dean.

Tanya amazing! his hair is rockin! XO

Catherine Epic! The raw emotion you captured is amazing.

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