a good night

being able to see someone in their element is a beautiful thing.

last night was a good night. got to see months and months of work, writing and thought come to fruition. kris released his EP to a room full of listening ears, hoots and many friends.

i cant even say, it just warms my heart like a slab of butter in a frying pan to see friends go straight after their passion and to do it well. i was just beaming so proud to be in that room and seeing him in his element.

last night was a good night.

I absolutely DO NOT consider myself a photographer of shows, nor do i think i’m particularly good at it. I’d much rather just stand, watch and sway to the music than to have my camera out, but i did grab a few images from last night.

Alessandra Rose opened the show, and holy lord her voice is of the angels. she is so talented. Merry Way was the middle act, sorry, no image there.

i would highly recommend grabbing his EP. it’s $5 and was recorded with alongside a string quartet. it’s beautiful. you can get it HERE. My personal favorites are “Waltz of Petunia” and “Jessi.”

by Andria

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sizzle It was an awesome show- thanks so much for letting me know about it (via your previous blog post). My friends and I had a great time and fell in love with Alessandra’s voice. I’ve scoured the internet for her tunes.

I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet. The one time I saw you, you were in conversation with someone and I didn’t want to interrupt and by the time we connected via Twitter you were up front and I was way in the back. I’m sure our worlds will collide again, especially since we groove on the same style of tunes.

KT Barnes didn’t she sing w/ allen stone too?