mentor session: carina

And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.

And God saw the light, that is was good.

when i get a strong stream of light pouring straight into my lens, things happen. i found myself squinting as i was editing these. that very well may be because of how sensitive my dang blue eyes are, or it could very well be because you can actually¬†feel the sun in these. I’m hoping for the latter. light is so good, and once in a blue moon, we get it and it makes me feel like i’ve won the lottery.

Hello, this is carina. we spent the entire day together a few weeks back for a mentor session. she stepped out of her normal environment of graphic design to spend a day chatting with me about photography and every possible thing that came to her mind under the umbrella of it. this girls’ already got an artists mind and heart…which was exemplified when she sent over her “top 5 areas” she was interested in covering….not in a word or listed in email as i’d asked, but above and beyond with a design sheet she crafted up, proving she wears her design hat at all times. love it.

we stepped out of the house and got to shoot as well. and man take a look at this one. stunner. all day long.

oh baby i love this. bam.

thanks to carina for spending an entire day with me. teaching me about gluten. and for rocking it in this short time we had to shoot.

jen and nate modeled for this mentor session and blew up the blog on monday, which you can see HERE.

and thank God for the sun.

by Andria

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the detailed life i’m in portland and madly craving this light, as well. had some yesterday evening… i take advantage of it, every chance i get… which lately has only been about once a week. but at least we don’t have floods and tornadoes.

SERENA DINH The pictures are beautiful. Just a quick question: what is mentor session?
Hope your life is just as fabulous as you!

Chelsea Abril Teaching you about gluten? Haha – she sounds awesome.
Beautiful, wonderful light and processing :)

amazing as always