jen & nate

here’s to:

proving you can totally keep it sexy as a married couple

that sun, in fact, does make some really snazzy awesome pictures

how right sequins can be mid-day on a tuesday

here’s to jen and nate, looking good in love.

oh my lord yes.

big thanks to jen and nate for modeling during a mentor session with carina. her pictures, will be up next.

by Andria

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KT Barnes definitely want to know where THAT dress is from

Quinn Jen looks smokin hot! Love her makeup, did you do it Pandi?

Kim A Jen you are SMOKIN!

lonniewebb wow 😉 love these!

Mackenzie Love, love, love the 2nd to last picture! That’s a keeper! She could be a sunglasses model, good heavens. Love this session Andria, amazing job :)

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