there is no greater joy for me than spending a day creating. to be inspired in the moment, according to the weather in that instance, the emotion felt. it’s when i am at my best. and there is no way to explain how intense i love what i am able to do, just by deciding to spend the day around good people with a camera in my hands.

there was no plan. no expectations, and that makes my heart captivated by this even more.

spent this beautiful day shooting side by side with my girlie pal Tohnya down in portland. picked up ariel, who we’d never met. joseph and makrai joined us, and there we had a perfect storm for a day of shooting that i couldn’t be happier with. but it’s more than just the end result, it’s days like this that make me feel like a hippy-love-child-careless-and-free and flying by the seat of my pants. i love the unplanned and i love spending time people like these.

to videos in the car, that will never be shown.

to seeing a horse, when it was really a truck.

to a dog who cant be trusted, and a fanny pack that was a bandaid.

to the deliciously smelling hand sanitzer in a outhouse in a middle of a field.

to scarves that are turbans in the rain

to changing clothes in public, and being caught peeing in the woods by two men.

to growing friendships and picking up a stranger.

i love days like these.


**also – big thanks to kacy kizer, who within a few hours of my email asking about wicked locations in portland, had sent me a long detailed message with several options to shoot. this is the community i love. although I’ve never met her, and we’ve only chatted through twitter and blog comments, she was so kind and generous to take time to send us info, which led us to this wonderous location. thank you kacy, maybe we’ll meet some time.:) **

by Andria

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Michael Killer shoot. Too many awesome shots to count.

lonniewebb Magazine shot to the nines. You grabbed everything thats beautiful about all 3 of these people and did it beyond perfectly. Wardrobe, location, people, sun + you = perfection.

Quinn So in love with this shoot. It looks like it could be published in a magazine.

Michelle Ocampo IN LOVE with it ALL!!! AMAZING!!!! You go girl!

Kirsten Wonderful. I love the warmth in the shots.

Brittney Beamer this is unreal. such beautiful, fashionable people. amazing job, andria!

KT Barnes you have GOT to send this to some sort of mag (i vote rue!). this is phonomenal. you’re so effing gifted andi, it blows my mind. didn’t want this post to end…

Erica P Those Crecelius blues… My oh my. Nice job, A. Can’t wait for August!!

Kacy Kizer These are amazing!!! So glad the weather cooperated for you – Happy to help! :)

alison Hare freckinnng unbelievable! i swear one day i am going to open up a magazine and see your name at the bottom…your work is truly one of a kind andi! LOVE this shoot

Tonhya Kae what a magical day this was. i had so much fun with you just doing what we love. doing what drives us. so lucky to have a friend like you to share that passion with. : )

Tiarra Sorte oh my fricken word! Are you kidding me?! Awesome.

Mom I am so in LOVE w/ this shoot as well, beautiful people, amazing setting and the BEST and most incredible Photographer, point blank.. Unreal Andi. and YES these need to be seen in a Magazine somewhere!!!

Amanda Patrice Holy crap, these are gorgeous!

shauna My favourite to date. You’re just always blowing my socks off Madame….

elleham YES YES!! what *fabulous* locations!! MM! and soooo lovely are the pics. perfect, really. love the styling (which looks effortless, and probly just a reflection of the cool ppl involved ;o)) cant WAIT to be back in my city!! miss u andria!! see u soon! or sooner than later :O)) YAAAYYY <3 <3 <3

elleham YES YES!!! what fabulous locations!! and SOOO lovely are the pics!! perfect, really. love the styling (which looks efortless, and probly just a reflection of the cool ppl involved ;o)) cant WAIT to be back in my city!!! miss u andria!! see u soon! or sooner than later :O))

daniel usenko damn!

daniel usenko dang!

katie. Had to leave a comment. These are ah-mazing.

Lindsey Martin Andria, I’ve loved following your work even if it is vicariously through friends!

Lacey I SO wish I would have known you were in Oregon! I’ve been thinking about contacting you to do a family session for me!! :):)

Julia The title captures the images so well. The red hair and your photography are equally awesome.

Jonathan Martinez LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BETHURUM I haven’t seen a photo shoot so honest and relevant this year. Bravo! Well executed and finessed.

Jessica DeAngelis what kind of camera do you have and what lens did you use for these pictures? I am a begging photographer and would love all the help i can get. you take stunning photos!

Hannah Hi. My name is Hannah and I was wondering if you did wedding photos? I’m the maid of honor in my friends wedding and she’s looking for a photographer!

Fabiano Silva Really nice performance for one-day session…many keepers