engagement: atalie & gus

strategically she sits down to the guy with the vibrant blue eyes. not that she recognized him. not like she’d been eyeing him the whole time at the conference. “helllllllo.”

he looks over. notices not her outfit or her hair, but her Bible and its note-covered, highlighted pages. “that’s the kind of girl i need to date.”

and that was the start to gus & atalie’s story. he is cool, calm and collected and she is highly excitable. they balance each other beautifully.  i loved watching them together and seeing how they work, just even listening to how they speak to one another. like the bestest of friends. like pals. being able to spend time with them felt so natural and like i was with old friends. atalie is was i like to call an uber. (not goober, don’t get it confused) she is uber excited, about everything. uber excited to meet. to shoot. about life. about every step in the process. from the very first email between the two of us (which was before they were even engaged), i could almost hear her screaming with excitement over the text. you’d of thought i just told her i could cure world hunger. so ecstatic, that i of course got an email at 1:30 a.m. the night she got engaged. but the thing is, this is my client, this is who fits perfectly with what i do. being able to work with someone, a couple, who are as excited as i get, it’s a beautiful thing and means so much to me.

to know the these pictures mean something to them. that they are beyond looked forward to. that it’s about more than just the pictures. that’s who i fit like a glove with. so it’s couples like this that make my life enriched, make me want to give them art, not just pictures. make me so motivated to capture exactly their dynamic.

and this is what gus and atalie’s love is like.

I have NEVER shot in a day like we had for gus and at’s session.

we stepped out of the car, felt a rain drop and within minutes a storm like no other came it. of course we were on the coast shore and got the brunt of the storm – wind took the sheets of rain completely side ways and brought hail and black skies. we sought coverage in the one spot available, waited and waited. then BAM, we were given about 30 minutes to shoot before it got even worse. I’m talkin like tornado-thunder-hail conditions. we set out on a mission. there was no messing around. these two drove to seattle just for the shoot, so a reschedule wasn’t exactly do-able. but luckily, they worked it and we got what we got under pressure.

good work you two. not everyone can shoot in a tornado and make it look good.

cheers to you and your upcoming nuptials.

by Andria

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isaiah love the abandoned houses – great frames

Atalie Thronson It is so amazingly weird looking at a blog that i read almost daily and seeing my face!! Andria I am speechless I love them! Thank you so much!