Mentor session: tiarra

such a small world. always. i swear, sickness more often than not, ampoule in meeting someone..there is always something that connects us. i should just always expect it now. case in point, for sale tiarra. our internet relationship started last year about a mentor session, then come to find out she is married to the guy who led worship for chapels at my school growing up in spokane. funny. anywho. tiarra and i finally met in person a few weeks back and spent the entire day together talking through oodles of things under the sun of photography. how and when to take that plunge, the balance of your life and your work and in finding time to shoot the things you want, especially with the load of being a wife, mother, employee and photographer.

we had a bit of time to shoot before our models – nate & steph – came. and thankfully the sun also decided to show up. praise the lord, this is what sun looks like.

meet tiarra.

by Andria

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Tiarra Sorte thank you again, you are just wonderful! I am sad our session is over already, lets replay.

Mom Tiarra used to go to w/ me @ VRL. I knew i recognized her before I read the Blog… the sun shining is perfect behind her.. Nice

elleham her EYES!! are GORGEOUS. nate and steph post was A-mazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE–them and u :D!! <3 <3 <3