February Inspira(shown): Lisa

John wears only blue, when he has a choice.

When I’m sad, he wraps all of himself around all of me. There is no safer place in the world to be.

He likes his is pecan squares burnt. He hates showering, because he hates to get wet. He is obsessed with the ending of the Sopranos.

I think that leaving the kids for the deployment was the hardest thing he ever did.  It was the only time I ever saw him cry.

Everyday he was alive and deployed, I listened to Donovan Frankenreiter and daydreamed about us dancing in the living room to that song.  It took me a year before I was able to listen to Donovan Frankenreiter again.  I still cry when I hear it because I know what should be.

The first time he deployed, he hid notes all over the house in secret places… It took me an entire year to find each of those love notes.

His nose is crooked from a boxing match in college.  He didn’t call me for a week after the first time we kissed because he didn’t want to screw things up.

On our one year dating anniversary, he gave me a heart necklace with three diamonds in it… Now it seems so prophetic… one small diamond for each of our beautiful children. The heart for us.


these are the moments that describe the love between lisa and john. the moments that tie them together and to their 3 kids.

but there is one moment that changed the path of how their love would be defined into the future.

she walked quickly, upping the pace next to the officer leading her. with their two week old, heidi, in her arms, the other two kids in childcare. through the doors, and to be greeted by men in suits rather then their normal military uniform. immediately, they read to her a grievance report, one that explained her husband John had been killed in Afghanistan. A casualty of war. only more than a casualty, a man that was ripped from the life they had planned, the family they formed. the love they grew.

this is the moment she wants forever to go back to just prior. before she knew.

back to even two weeks prior, when she had last spoken to him. only days after their daughter was born. “I haven’t even heard Heidi cry,” he said. “You have forever to hear her cry.” A final conversation that was never intended as a final conversation. those last interactions become the most precious reflected moments. 2 days prior to his deployment, to do a pregnancy shoot which are now the only pictures heidi has with her dad. a trip to Disneyland with the kids, to ride rides and laugh with their dad. leaving July 14th for Afghanistan. August 2nd, their 3rd child Heidi was born. August 5th, their last conversation. August 25th, the day John and 3 others were killed. the day an IED detonated under his stryker vehicle.

i sat on the couch in Lisa’s house, the one she and john built together, and she told me of their love story as so many couples tell me. how she had had a crush on him, how he had left $20 for her to find in the fridge so she’d have gas money to come visit him. how she visited him on valentines weekend where he was stationed in Hawaii. How he said last minute he had a 24 hours shift, for her to go on a hike up a mountain with a girlfriend only to see John at the top of the mountain, with a ring from Tiffany’s. i could feel the intensity in their love, in their story.

she explained the type of man john was. that he wanted to serve, it was his choice. that she knew God only gives us what we can bear, she just wanted to know why He thought she would be able to bear the weight of the loss of her husband. “God knew John was going to die and I have to know that I am doing something good, that God wanted me to do something good with his life.”

it all comes back to running.

2 days after john died, she went on a run. something that was normal for her. something that began to be healing for her. then a friend joined, a wife from John’s brigade. then others started joining. they run wearing their husband’s PT shirts. they run in blue. each saturday, before they run, they call out the names of the soldiers that are lost and those to be honored. “We want to humanize the loss.” The women trained for the Seattle Rock N Roll marathon, and on the 17th mile there was 41 flags with the names of the men who were loss in John’s brigade. and at the beginning of the race, before the 17th corral of runners was released, the names of the fallen heroes were read. this group is called “Run to Remember” and has become a vital part of the community, to harness their strength, to heal, to survive, to bond together.

“John can’t run and I can, and I am healthy, so why shouldn’t I be out there? What better way to honor someone that’s died, than by living,” she told me.

Lisa speaks about John in the present, she wrote to me and said she cannot bring herself to write about him in the past tense. they speak of him often in their house. I stood over heidi being rocked to sleep as they prayed for daddy up in heaven. she wears his boxers to sleep and writes him Dear John letters often. she told me she knows she is on the slower track to healing.

Who’s going to teach Bryce to play water polo? Who’s going to take Heidi to the daddy daughter dances?  And one day, who’s going to walk her down the isle?  It’s one thing, when a dad is a jerk and he disappears.  He doesn’t deserve to be a part of this kind of stuff… But John is everything wonderful.  He wants to be a part of all of this.  He deserves it… the kids do too.  I don’t ever want to say its been years since John died.  I want him  ever in the present.

There are worries, when someone dies, that they will be forgotten. That those moments and memories, their voice and their habits will be replaced in our minds. We each have our own ways of carrying them with us, and for Lisa, she honors his life, their love, his sacrifice by running. she runs to remember. but she does more than that, she has taken a name being read over the news to us and she has put a face to the hurt. she has told his story and made that loss real. she has shown us the children that have his last name and she lives in a way that forces us to notice the sacrifice that John made, that she made, that 499 US families made in 2010.

john casket was greeted by lisa in california, his memorial taken place in the same parish they received their first communion, where they were married, by the same priest that told them til death do us part. and although there is deep sadness in this story and countless tears, lives that will forever be impacted, John’s life doesn’t end on August 25th, 2009…Lisa, Jackson, Bryce, Heidi, and so many others carry on his story, speak of him often and will never let him be forgotten.

his body is gone but lisa told me of how John comes to her. he comes to her through Bryce’s soft touch who is a spitting image of John, he comes and looks at her through the kids eyes, in a phone call from one of John’s friends who had a dream that he wanted to tell her happy anniversary, not knowing that day was their anniversary. he comes to her in a very different way now, but he is still very real and will always remain her husband, the man she writes, Dear John.

i love love this image.

oh she is just so perfect.

“But how strong are you Jackson?”

an absolute favorite.

oh, i love this.

i can’t handle how perfect this image is of these two.

These pictures are exactly as i had envisioned, real life every day, in their home, not posed, showing life just as it is for their family. so pleased to release this story in february. it was their month, when he proposed and when he came home first from Iraq.

There really is no way to describe my day with Lisa. in the time we spent together and the connection we had instantly. Being able to tell her story, John’s story and come into their lives was such a pleasure and i just hope i relayed the man he was, the love they have, the legacy he created.

the day to going down to DuPont to meet Lisa, my devotions were in Hebrews, explaining how Jesus experienced every feeling, every emotion so that He can comfort us in the realest of ways, and as I sat on Lisa’s couch weeping in front of her, with John’s memorial book in my hands, I realized something. We too, experience the hardest of trials and that pain and that loss is never for waste, it is to feel in the truest of ways the pain of others, to empathize and comfort in a much more real way. hearing John’s story and of his death hit me in a completely different way that moment I sat on her couch, weeks after my own papa had died, having those emotions and that pain still so fresh in my heart. and although in no way are our stories the same, i saw pain and loss in a new way. my tears streamed in a very real way hearing their story, I felt those feelings along with her.  and Lisa’s tremendous loss connects her to thousands of others in our country. her pain is not lost and i just pray that she can feel the depth to which she can touch and inspire others. that she can connect to so many others, because of her story…and as hard as that is, I know that so much good and so much strength has been created in her.


Thank you to Brenda for taking the time to nominate Lisa and John.

You can visit John’s memorial website HERE to listen to VP Biden speak of John in his 2010 Memorial Day Speech.

You can learn more and become involved with Run to Remember HERE

He has a memorial Facebook Page, you can see HERE.


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by Andria

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jeff marsh wow. moving. even more grateful for our military and their families.

nicole firestone With tears welled up I sit here mute. Touching real life photographs and beautiful story.

Kirsten What an amazing set of pictures. They capture the love and madness of most homes.

Samantha Thanks for making me cry at work Andi….touching

KT Barnes love this. i actually had just read about lisa in the JBLM newspaper and fell in love.

Chelsea Abril perfect.
i could look at these all day.

Liz Ok, I’m crying. At my desk. Beautiful story. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to hug my husband a little tighter tonight!

Amy Voitik As a military wife myself, I’m so incredibly moved by these pics!! God Bless this family and great job Andi for capturing the life of what so many go through and deal with day to day!!!

Valerie Thanks to John for his sacrifice in serving our country and to Lisa and the kids for theirs.

Great photos, Andria.

Alice beautiful

Kathy Amazing Andria. I sat at my desk and cried today (your words do that to people) when I read this, but couldn’t find words to write at that time. Having spent 20 years in myself, and having been to the same locations, made me cringe. Never can one day be taken for granted in this God given life that we have been blessed. Too many times people don’t stop to thank someone such as John enough – not that he, I or anyone else look for it. But there is nothing more amazing to have someone say “Thank you for your service” and pay for your coffee.

All too often military spouse’s are forgotten – and the sacrifices they make each and every day. God Bless you Lisa, and your children. Thier father’s legacy will forever be with them. Continue to stay strong and forever remember that your husband’s calling was to be in uniform. He marches with old Soldiers now, watching over each of you.

Thank you Andria, for sharing such a heart warming story. Amazing images of a beautiful family!

Ashli This is absolutely breath taking andi. What a strong and powerful woman, so inspiring.

Michelle Reichert So very touching!!! I have been friends with Lisa for a few years, our husband’s worked together and then we met. I was there the night she found out the horrific news of John’s death and have heard the story over and over again, but the way you wrote her story and how you captured their life was so perfect. She is amazing and these words and pictures truly captured that beautifully.

joanna I sit here reading this story as tears roll down my face. Lisa is an inspiration, a role model and simply an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing this. The pictures are beautiful.

Marilyn Sad, proud, inspired, ashamed (for my petty worries), fearful, joyful . . . INSPIRED!!!

Cynthia You are an inspiration Lisa. I think of you and John everyday. I always wondered what the knecklace stood for. So beautiful. Your family is beautiful.

Jenn Thelen Thank you for capturing this remarkable family. I was lucky enough to be apart of Lisa and John’s life and share many memories with them. Especially Diamond Head. A magical moment of love that has stuck with me forever. She is a true Angel of God. Love you Lisa. :)

Amanda beautiful tribute to John & Lisa- what a wonderful legacy he left behind.

karla olson what an amazing story…what a fantastic mother! God bless you!

Kerlina Well done! CPT Hallett, you will never be forgotten, especially not by those who love you and by those who respect you.

Heidi Lisa is an amazing woman, a true inspiration of strength and love.

Sara I was taken aback by this story. A friend of mine shared this with me, her husband was part of his brigade and shared this with me. I did not expect it touch me as much as it did.

Before finding my friend on FB and finding out she married a service man I was a strong opponent to anything to do with war-soldiers. God used her friendship, her family, her husband to change my view. I still don’t like war – who does?

My ‘self focus’ was changed to others focus because I realized that soldiers and their families are HUMAN – This story captures that Humaness which is important for people to see.

It is so easy to get into the debate of war – the protests – BUT in intellectualizing the ‘war’ do not Forget the Soldiers and their families – humans, trying to survive, trying to reach for something they believe in – Something I [you] might not be able to do [fight in a war] but for some reason they are given the strength and courage to do what you can not – FOR YOU [me].

God bless all soldiers and their families. You really put the HUMAN in the ‘casualty of war’ phrase that often gets buzzed on the news.

{{hugs to you and your family}} You are an inspiration to LOVE.

Jeanne Hallett The pictures are amazing- Lisa your strength never ceases to amaze me. I am sad that I didn’t have a chance to get to know my cousin very well but he lives on through your love!!!

Laura O’Brien Lisa- I want to be just like you. I love when you share this story, and your life with others. You are a inspiration! The days I don’t feel like going for a run, I think well Lisa has 3kids and she finds time! Durning my runs I enjoy just thinking, and thinking about you, John and the kids! I look forward to getting to see you guys again! Jenn and I will be working on a trip! Take Care and God Bless you and the crew!

Michelle Ocampo I adore these images of Lisa and the kiddos…adorable. {{HUGS}} Lisa! 😉

Gaye Lynn So moving and so important. I wept and prayed for Lisa and her sweet babies. I don’t know her, but she makes me so proud. The pictures are the most beautiful and intimate…I felt like I was let in on the secret of their lives together…in a way that was so personal. Thank you for sharing Lisa’s story and for helping us to know a tiny bit of how immeasurably great John was. When Jesus brings Lisa to my heart, I will be praying for her. With love from WI.

Jonas Seaman This is soooo beautiful and moving. God Bless!

Meg Andria, you are so much more than an artist! Your inspira(shown) brings me to tears almost every time. I am sitting at my computer sobbing! Thank you for using your talent and your time to capture these stories and to impact so many of us who read and look at the beauty you capture. Amazing!

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