a bit here, a bit there.

got back in last night from a family/meetings/shot-a-wedding/eat-lunch-with-your-gramma/talk-over-tea-with-your-sister/get-hardly-any-work-done week in eastern washington and it’s full swing into a awesome packed week. so here we go.

i never ever ever pull up an image or two from a shoot day of, there are always other shoots ahead in line.  there is no way i edit just one….you know, once you pop, you just can’t stop. i know myself, and it’s better if i dont start til it’s their turn in line (same reason i dont buy ice cream to have at the house, i will never stop) BUT i did for this shoot. although it wasn’t actually for the couple. you see we shot at the Seattle Public Library and a HUGE scary knife pulling fight broke out as we were shooting. (which you can see HERE on my Facebook page) so, natually i had to pull up the images i shot of the fight and – woops – a few images of S&S somehow jumped in there too.

so, against my normal rules, i edited 3. here’s one.

seriously wait til i can show them. ooooh baby.


The other bit.

I got asked to be interviewed a few weeks back for a Seattle blog about writers/bloggers/authors. i obliged and met up with Norelle 2 weeks back.

the interview is up.

it was quite funny for me to go to a meeting and be the one being asked the questions. I am the one who does that. although, i did take charge in asking her story off the bat, I relinquished control and jibber jabbered away at her interview questions. seriously, i talk SO much (and fast) i don’t know she even wrote anything down, but it was a treat and privilege to do the interview and read about my story through another’s interpretation. Thank you to Norelle for thinking I’m interesting enough to interview!

You can read/see MY INTERVIEW HERE.



1) Last week to nominate for March Inpira(shown) – what the heck it’s almost March? But really, I am relying on you guys. The people you know. The stories they have. I CANNOT do this without you and am taking nominations until the end of this week. I was, again, completely blown away by February’s and looking to have it up soon…..If you know someone with an inspirational story, please….bless them and nominate them for my monthly project. It’s a beautiful thing and you really have no idea how wonderful this is for everyone involved….I CAN’T WAIT TO KEEP READING NOMINATIONS!!! But don’t think – “Oh mine isn’t good enough.” “Someone else will have a better story.” NO. please don’t. It can be anyone – any kind of inspiration. Ready, GO! Really, these awesome people aren’t blessed and stories are told until you nominate!

2) some pretty exciting things (and yes that’s plural) will be done to me this week in lieu of my birthday. CLUE: ink.

3) I have blown my nose so many times that it’s about to fall off, so yes, i currently have gobs of vaseline inside my nostrils. it’s my only relief. yummy.

4) some pretty tragic news came into our family this weekend. i can’t share yet, but just really have this resounding theme shining into my mind: of how precious life is. not how quickly it goes, but how time goes by so quickly without us achieving or chasing after what we want.  do it now. go for it. love hard now. be passionate. live incredibly. cherish the present. if you don’t, you are a waste. blunt, but i really believe it. what are you doing with your life to be making a difference? let us ask that question often and honestly.  unfortunately these life altering events happen and this theme seems all to relevant, but something i can be thankful for, is that because of these experiences….my eyes can be opened, once again, no….they were already opened. they can be reinforced at just how important it is to live exactly how you want to be, right now. live a blazing fire, not a dimming coal.

talk to ya later gator.