Kelsey & Ben

who’s the guy? is he single?

ahh that’s how it always starts. unless he is asking the question, but still….there’s always that, omg i hope he/she is single. that’s when you know it’s good. attraction is never in question. and that’s how these two little birds began. one evening, connected through mutual friends. isn’t there a pressure, two single people in the room with a bunch of dating/married people….the two people who are single are supposed to hit it off. it’s how it works. at least hypothetically. and also literally for kelsey and ben.

but it wasn’t really realistic. she was leaving for italy for a study abroad. how you can start something that hasn’t even started and across the world at that? well, turns out it gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. their details. their likes. who they are as just a voice. not even a presence. but that contact from across the world built and by the time she came back, they were definitely more something.

we sat over sushi talking about their story and there wasn’t really anything that just jumped out that they had to hurdle, that made them realize they were the one. they just fit. their families’ fit. their personalities are complementary. their friends already know each other. he loves taylor swift just as much as she does…oh wait. other than that, it’s a total fit. they’re a total fit.

these two got engaged in the wintery snoqualmie falls, so they wanted to tie in something with a winter twist to highlight that special part of their relationship.

one freezing but wonderful day, we headed for the hills. shot in the snow. and shot in a open field. two totally different looks.

and no one got frost bite.

ok and for a total change of pace… open field and awesome old truck.

there was some major mountain climbing, ok at least what i call mtn climbing with a camera in hand. i dont know how i didnt fall up or down or trip on what we were on….but it was worth it. other than the fact that i got the sickness of my life (ok, dramatic i know) after this shoot. thanks a lot guys. just kidding. but really, that mountain climbing kicked my butt.

BIG thanks to cutie patootie (as rosie o’donnell would say) Stacy for tagging along as my assistant on this shoot. I really do love having an extra person on shoot with us. then there’s just more people to enjoy just how much fun we have. like when i step in what looks like a dry field but really is a marsh. those are fun times.


absolutely absolutely cannot wait til kelsey and ben’s wedding and the amazing venue we get to spend the day at. cant wait for may.

by Andria

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jeff marsh dang girl. talk about killed it. i give up

morgan eve solid

Kelsey andria, this is unreal. thank you so much!! less than three months until we do it all over again (but more dressed up :)

Paula Shively Hard to write through the tears of joy streaming down my face. The photos are beautiful and capture something much deeper than 2 good-looking young people. You are so right – can’t wait for May!

Ashli Love it. U two r perfect :) can’t wait till may

Amanda Strobel Okay..Okay…I know I have already commented on your facebook. BUT …this is the first time I have seen your blog and LOVE it! You have such a different look on photography…it’s not just (beautiful, glamour, fitness, or fashion to you) it’s about capturing LIFE at its fullest! Nothing…Fake! You can see your heart pouring out of every shoot..there is emotion, self worth, colors and like you said….a story to go along with every shoot. Working with you wouldn’t just be a photoshoot, it would be a life experience! Keep up the good work, we all love it! Can’t wait to see more…

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