Baaaaack in TOWN / a FREE music download

I’m back. Seattle welcomed me in with dry dark arms late last night.  I was supposed to be sippin coffee at my moms right this moment, but the whole winter storm warning thing freaked me out so i bailed on spokane and raced across the snowy-wet state last night. going across that bridge and seeing my city, it’s the best return i could ask for. i always get sentimental going over that bridge. so i guess people are back at work right? i still feel like I’m on holiday mode. but i’m reeling my brain back into things. super excited to be meeting up and shooting with two of my out of state wedding couples in the next few days who happen to be in town. i have no bomb New Years Eve plans as of yet.

so this is  probably the longest i’ve gone in a year and a half not blogging. it’s kind of weird. i still have quite a few shoots backed up to show you. they are coming. things will be back to normal soon. excited for that. but first, a few little things:

still taking nominations for January inspira(shown)  until this Friday! Keep ’em coming.

December’s inspira(shown) will be up shortly. so SO excited to share her story. it’s a gem.

been falling more and more in love with some wicked artists. music to my ears. like really. saw a few of their shows recently, so of course that has everything to do with my growing love for them. you NEED to check them out.

city and colour (good ol Canada)

the head and the heart (local)

mumford and sons (London)

allen stone’s new album (local)

Bon Iver

Gungor (Denver)

just found out about James Vincent McMorrow  – love at first hear.

SO. if you want, leave a comment below cuz I’ll be sending out a wicked FREE bomb music playlist download later today with the above music. sharing is caring. remember? just leave me a word and I’ll have your email. and if you can see the type of music i like and know something similar i should check out. i’d love to hear your rec’s.

enjoy one of the last days of 2010. it’s been one incredible year.

dont forget! if you want to be on my list for the music download (artists listed above) today – leave me a comment so I have your email and I’ll send it your way!

by Andria

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KT Barnes send me music WOMAN. i have 8 hours of driving ahead of me this weekend. happy new year! my favorite is still the one where you got back from AUS and it was just YOU AND ME baby. LOVE

Brooke I like this idea, Andria!

lindsay me too friend :O)) have you heard gregory alan isakov (ie: raising cain)? tristan prettyman (all i want is you :O)) OO! try greg laswell radio (ie: comes and goes!!) and andrew belle of course (ie: oh my stars! the ladder, oldest friend…reach…)

happy hump day love! ;O))

Atalie Thronson um I LOVE Mumford and Bon Iver and Gungor! wow! send me this link!
Sigh no more is my favorite album and the best concert I have ever seen is Mumford! I can tell that we are going to be friends!

Kris Orlowski I want to be on the free music list…

Kennis Hey Andria! I’d love some new music — glad you made it back to Seattle safely, Happy New Year!

Shelly Guzman Love this idea Andria! Please send me your music picks. Thanks :) If I don’t see you before New Years, I hope its a good one for you. I read your post about wanting to volunteer more. I fully agree that is through service that we learn about the world and become thankful for all things good in life. I definitely think you should go to Thailand if you can. I did a volunteer trip there a couple years ago, and the country (and its people) is truly wonderful. It is always my motto when I travel to a new place, “leave this place better than you found it.” Whether its by ensuring you buy locally made souvenirs, picking up trash, participating in an environmental project, or gaining an appreciation for another culture and sharing it with others. This is the way to world peace, this I truly believe.

Ashlee Zink I LOVE all of the artists you have above. A playlist would be amazing! :)

Erika Hagin I would love this playlist! It seems you have superb taste in music, judging by the bands above :)

PS i still find your photos to be breathtaking, im so proud of you!

Jessica McKelden Huge Mumford & Sons fan. I’m a sucker for free music. :)

Chelsea Abril Just gonna put it out there –
whenever i need inspiration, whenever i need to see the work of a god and smile,
i come here.

thank you andria!