tears of joy.

i share because i can’t keep it in. please know that. please know that’s why i return here again and again.

last night, on the little love seat, with the computer on my lap, and no one in the room, I was brought to tears of joy. i’m simply overwhelmed with the good and love that is carried to me hand in hand with what i get to do.

overwhelmed that the brides that come to me are the ones who turn the meetings around in order to hear my heart. to ask me my life values and how my faith plays impacts me and my life.

overwhelmed at the people that are brought to sit in front of me. that they didn’t even know how their friend found me, and even with never meeting me, that they would plan the day their getting married around my availability. that in they walk total strangers and 2 & 1/2 hours later we part and I feel i know their heart and their love.

overwhelmed in the best of ways.

it is my deepest desire that everyone find that thing that brings them tears of joy. to take a tiny thread, one with a taste of passion in it and see where it goes. to leave an amazing job at the chance that the new one will bring you even more joy.

please, with all my heart know that i keep coming back here to share because i cant keep it in. not to tell you that a life of photography is the life for you, but possibly even a chance to inspire someone to see that taking a chance and grabbing a tiny thread, but with both hands, just to see where it goes. grab that thread.

a life lived with reckless abandon for your passion will bring you to tears of joy on a love seat late at night, with no one in the room. and it’s the most captivating feeling there is. not because it’s a guarantee. not because it promises wealth. not because it will be anything less than 40 hrs a week. but because it makes you feel alive.

live and seek your passion.

by Andria

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Mom you amaze me, you are a blessing to so many! this makes my heart happy. love you

katie o. if there was a “like” button, I would have clicked it far too many times.

Greg Great photo!

Nadia THANKS SO MUCH for this!!! You inspire me Andria!

//Dani Beautiful! Thank you!

Blair Thank you SO much for this Andria. It makes my heart sing. Some days you just need posts like these. Thank you!

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