mentor session models needed!

guess freakin’ what?!

i need an awesome-rad-super-duper-licious couple to model for me. but not just for me. for a mentor session. well actually two mentor sessions coming up, but I already got one couple covered.

so here’s the deal-io. i chat from time to time with photographers, and people email me questions, that i’m always happy to answer…but recently i’ve been asked if I do “mentor sessions”  – ummmmmmm, not really. but i will. kind of like the saying “build it and they will come” well, this is opposite….“they will come, so get on it and build it.”  ha. it’s honestly a humbling thing to be asked to do this, but I think that there’s a lot of secrecy in photography, unfortunately, and i just can’t hold my tongue, so if someone wants to come and learn from what I’ve learned in the past year, which has been a lot…..I’m game. and I’ll prepare well for it. so that’s that and a fun first that will happen twice in November.


be available in the afternoon of sunday the 28th of November

must be wicked awesome and fun couple

needs to be in seattle and able to drive to a local spot we’ll be shooting at

cannot be a client that already inquired with me & wanting to be shot

or a repeat client.

rarin’ to bring it on a 45 minute shoot.

send me a picture and a paragraph – of you and your hunny and a sentence or two about who you are


…don’t let the word “model” scare you. I basically just mean a couple. but a rad one.

if you’re interested, or even yet, know a rad couple that would be interested – please send me an email to with “mentor session” in the header and we’ll get to chatting!

thanks oodles. and yes, the mentor session models will receive the photos at no charge. delightful. bada-bing.

by Andria

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Quinn Do I count as rad and awesome? And am I new since you haven’t shot me with your new lens?

katie o. totally jealous of your mentees. wait, is that even a word?
whatever, jealous.

alison Hare ahh this is so cool! quit being so awesome girly!