september inspira(shown): lindsay day 2

so here’s part 2 (but really the first half) of my shoot with lindsay and josh. there were several things about my shoot with them that fit right into my favorite things a shoot can have. they already had ideas for where they wanted to shoot. and those spots were chosen because of meaning in their relationship. and they were spots i hadn’t shot in before. love it.

i drove down to tacoma to meet up with these two. dropped in at her house, to help ‘style’ the shoot and get on the road. lacey, her cousin, came up from oregon to join us, which was super fun and such a small world because she somehow had heard about my work prior because of the site Clickin’ Moms – for photographers who are mothers and i have no idea how i became a topic on there since i’m not a mom, but still..totally small world.  anywho. we set out into tacoma to this old antique story and library. shot a bit. and went to satellite coffee. where they first hung out.  sat them exactly where they first sat. i love stuff like that. looking back to where it first started. ahh love it.

what had to all so excited about this shoot was just how comfortable these two are with eachother. and with me being there. sometimes you just click with people and we definitely did. they were so down with whatever i wanted to do and trusted and listened. when 2 people are so comfortable and enthralled with each other, it is so fun and easy to come in and watch and shoot with them.

one thing – from this whole experience – that stuck out to me: was a phone call in trying to schedule this shoot. after bouncing around between the two and being on speakerphone and plently of giggles coming from her end, we set a date and went to say goodbye. and lindsay said, “ohhhhk well, love you!” and hung up. this was the 2nd time we’d talked and i think just perfectly explains her, and them. love emits from them.  read a verse last week that said go after a life of love as if your life depended on it and i believe that is lindsay. i say, don’t be afraid to love. don’t be afraid to share your love with many. honestly, a conversation had with a stranger is love and could be the highlight to their day. going after a life of love is something i’d like to strive for and i’m learning new ways to do this by the amazing people that come into my life, like lindsay and josh.

go after a life of love as if your life depended on it. and see what happens.

 enough of my jibber jabber. here’s half #1. had some crazy old library light to play with so i had some fun with b&W’s and some vintagey images. same goes for satellite. had fun editing them with a little taste of whatever i wanted.

LOVE this one. also love taking over public places and watching how people react. ha.

a little reenactment never hurt anyone. here’s their exact FIRST spot they met up.

This is shoot 2 of the september inspira(shown) nominee. you can go HERE to read about how you can nominate someone for next months.

If you missed it, you can read their love story  and see the first half of their shoot here. as well as the KOMO video and her YouTube video.

 If you know someone with an awesome inspirational story, I want to know and I’d love to be able to feature them here next month.


tomorrow i’m posting some sweet coffee shop pics from when we first met and i just couldnt help but get my camera out. they’re totally my fav.

by Andria

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katie o. I can’t get over just how beautiful these shots are…both as a whole and individually. You’ve captured their personalities, their spirits, and their beauty. And wow, is the beautiful.

And what an absolutely amazing couple.