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that was her answer, when he proposed.  not yes. not omg omg omg.  she whispered everydayshe was in a hospital hallway. she had just exited a radiation treatment and KOMO news was there taping, as they were doing a story on her. none of this typically surrounds a girls dream proposal. but then again most girls don’t get brain cancer twice. and most girls dont have the spirit like she does. and most girls aren’t lindsay.

but she said, “how do you know?” and he said, “how do you know the sun is warm? how do you know vivace is good?  you know because of experience.”  that’s how he knew she was the one. why he proposed. which was also technically on day 7 of officially dating.

lindsay explained to me, that they both believe that you should know someone so intimately in your friendship that upon entering your ‘dating’ stage, you should know this person is someone you could see yourself marrying. something that isn’t often the method used today, but one i absolutely think is powerful and true. also sheds some light on their 7 days of dating pre engagement.

but he was hesitant. hesitant to go into a relationship with a girl who has a terminal illness. and not only because of the obvious, but because he lost his own mother to brain cancer when he was 11. he knew that pain and feeling. and he knew the risk. but these two are like magnets. both in person and in their stories. what he has gone through & done up to this point, brings him perfectly to her. where she has been & experienced, brings her perfectly to him. they are magnetic people. she is sun captured. and he is poise and care. they were made for each other.

on day 3, he gave her a necklace that he brought back from jeruselum. one he was saving to give to his future wife. he gave it to her on day 3. he told me, “I never knew I was such a romantic person, until i met her.” he kept a list of dates in his phone of every important moment in their relationship. he also randomly drops down on one knee, with an object in hand, to propose to her all over again.

before i met lindsay, i cried every time i saw her.

i cried when i got the email nomination.

cried when i watched her YouTube hair pulling out video.

i bawled when i watched the KOMO story on her.

but after meeting her, i wasn’t sitting across from someone defined by brain cancer and her situation wasn’t a sad thing.  i was meant to met lindsay to see how she loves life with an incredible passion and emits joy to anyone that around her. to see how God can bring two people together that will affect others, inspire them, and impact their world. there is just something to her and in being in their presence. they’re captivating.

these two are often downtown handing out items to the homeless, ordering a pizza to eat with them, givin em a ride and praying for them. she has a heart for sex slavery and they want to start an organization to help all of the above. their dream wedding would be in Haiti, to invite as many strangers as possible, give them food, throw a party, build a house for someone and get married. these two are nothing close to ordinary and their love and passion for each other but also how they take note and enjoy each breath of every day has absolutely inspired me.

i know there’s a reason behind everything and i know i was supposed to meet her. them. but not just for me, to share with you. i know you can’t feel or know what they’re like without meeting them, but that’s the beautiful thing about photography. you can capture something that otherwise cannot be stopped or kept. you get to take something that is moving and forever hold it at that moment. i’m so blessed and happy to be able to do this and stop time on that sturday and freeze these moments we had together. and hopefully i did something that portrays adequately the vibrant people they are.

 here’s some photos from the last half of the session. some of my favorite photos i’ve ever taken. more to come. 2 days more, actually.

the necklace from jeruselum. saving for his wife. gave to her on day 3.

and this is the bear that everyone signed when his mom had brain cancer.

one of my most favorite. i’ve ever taken.

ope. and he proposes again.

and this is her radiation mask.


Come back for 2 more postings on them.

i want to thank katelyn ludlow for nominating lindsay. without you, this wouldn’t have happened. so thank you for taking the time to nominate her and introduce us.

You can watch the news story KOMO did on Lindsay HERE.

You can watch Lindsay’s hair pulling out video on YouTube HERE.

You can read a story on her HERE on KOMO news’ website.  


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by Andria

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Dianne Oh my gosh Andria! Lindsay and I were in tears looking at these…All kinds of tears! You did such an amazing job capturing the beauty of the two of them and their relationship. If this is only Part 1, I can’t wait to see the rest of the story!

Thank you so much for putting this together…I can’t say enough!

Much love from Lindsay’s Mom :0)

KATHLEEN Wow…This is amazing. Beautiful. the story, this couple, the photos. Way to go! To Gabby, Dave and to you Andria!

Catherine AMAZING… her spirit is beautiful and they are just absolutely stunning and adorable together :) LOVE the photos…LOVE this couple!

jennifer dagdagan andria..I have no words. You are absolutely my idol. Your work just makes me want to climb inside each picture. seriously inspiring. I needed that!

jennifer I thought that was the best way to say yes to a proposal, too,
“everyday”, that struck me too. :)

Dianne Hey Andria ~ Here’s the correct link to the KOMO video…They were both going to the same story :0)

Brit Ahhh incredible. You manage to capture humility, vibrance, understanding and joy all at the same time. Thank you for telling this story.

Bambi Nashem Lindsay:s family has been in our life since before she was born. We were blessed to have her life in our home this past year for a short time while she was searching out what God wanted for her life and who she really is. That alone time she needed has given her the opportunity to define who and what she is in Jesus. I remember her telling me what she was looking for in a husband. First of all was someone so totally sold out to Jesus that he would live and breathe Jesus and live his life showing the world that love. Second that her husband would love her with an abandonment. Romantic, very much a part, yet a man who wanted to do HUGE things for the Lord and would have the same heart as Lindsay to do these things. A man that this cancer and unknown certainty of what the future would hold would not be hindered, but would be committed to walking purposely into the future to be used in ANY way God would want. This story and these pictures are reflections of the beauty that is inside Lindsay. I don’t know her man, but I can tell you the answer to the proposal being YES was due to finding that answer she has spent much time on her face before God. He has given her the delight of her heart!!! This is just the beginning of a story worth being heard!!!

Josh WOW… I was equally impressed with what you wrote about us… haha. I have been trying for days to capture our story & write about us… this is all so wonderful, thank you so much!!!

Katelyn Ludlow AAAHHH, Andria I’m so glad that God brought the three of you together to capture this amazing couple. Like I told you during the nomination, I haven’t seen Lindsay in years, but God if preparing this girl to move mountains! Thank you for offering your amazing gift to them and sharing their story with all of us!

Chelsa Incredible story… breathtaking photos. I love looking at your stuff! And I’ll pray for this girl’s battle with her disease… she deserves as much time as possible with this amazing guy :)

Craig Andria,

Thank you for capturing the incredible beauty of my daughter. She has been and will always be my precious little girl… the one I enjoy spending lazy days with and how I love to make her laugh, her smile takes my breath away.


Sara Andria – this story is amazing and so is your work.

brittney are you kidding me? this is incredible andi. what a beautiful story.

Brooke Wow. What a beautiful story, beautifully written, beautiful couple and beautiful love. Andria, you may not know it but what you give to others and share with so many strangers is amazing. Keep it up, my dear.

maile hudson Hello Andria! My name is Maile and well thane and i at the cat eye do these two remarkable young people’s hair. You captured the magical aura these two have with eachother as well as what they share with all who come in contact with them. Just wanted to say thank you. Lyndsay is a blessing to me as i met her on a chance right after her first surgery going through these journey’s with clients at times can be weary on my soul to share it with them but lyndsay and josh have such positive engery and attitudes one would never know. And oh that mask photo she shared her phone photo of that mask right after it was made and it is a statement to the process that cancer brings and of course the love that finds a way to float to the top no matter what. Blessings to you Andria!!

Heather Their story is amazing and one of the most inspiring I’ve ever heard. U really captured their passion, innocence, beauty, humor, and spirit! Lindsay is the most beautiful person I have ever seen, inside and out.

Chad Morgan In the true sense of the word…awesome.

Debbie Hobday

After reading this story. I would to know if they would like to go to the website above to put their story and names in for a chance to receive a free wedding. Their story really touched my heart. Blessing to both of them. Debbie

joanna andria, this story is amazing. the images are so vivid; we can feel their love. thank you for sharing.

Kat Healy I stumbled onto your site and am so glad I did. The picture of her with her radiation mask on is one of the most striking photographs I have ever seen. Love your work.

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