FEATURED: Quinn Bartsch on {Glamour & Grace } & My Q&A on { Shot by Tess }

Very excited to share TWO features up this fabulous Friday.

First: Mrs. Quinn Bartsch’s PHOTO FEATURE on the wedding blog { Glamour and Grace }  Thank you Megan for sharing this beautiful bride’s story and to Quinn for having me shoot this incredible time on her wedding day. Her story deserved to be told and seen and I couldn’t be happier than now more people can see what a fantastic day and bride she is.

Second: I was asked to do a little Q&A for a a blog post by the photographer – Theresa Farnsworth. It was really fun to actually sit down and spell out just what my perspective is on various photography topics and a bit about my story. Thank you Theresa for thinking of me and for ihaving me up on your blog!

Happy Friday Feature! 

Check out Quinn’s feature on Glamour and Grace HERE.

Check out my Q&A on Shot by Tess HERE.

Quinn’s entire wedding gallery can be seen above in the Featured Galleries tab in the menu bar.  

 A screen shot from the Q&A….