Makeup Editorial (3 of 4)

Hello Hello Hello. 2 girls are up to bat and 2 definite different looks for today. This is Alex and Kayla. Alex was the first girl to go up and now has a change of pace. I love how makeup can absolutely change a person – transform – actually. Whether or not it’s a crazy look with flair and favor or geared more towards a classic beauty, it’s amazing to see the confidence that the women have when they have their hair and makeup done.  Now, I’m not saying the point is to make them look like someone else, but over and over again I will say that I want those shooting with me to have an experience not just to get their picture taken. Having their hair and makeup done is all a part of the experience. Just last weekend, I saw just how much of a difference this process makes in a shoot. What I love the most, is the down time and how it allows us to talk and get to know each other & is a big reason to how we become to be so comfortable with each other. Shooting with someone for a few hours is a very intimate thing and often I just meet the person I’m shooting with that day, so this time together allows us to feel like close friends. For more reasons than I will take the time to write about, I would absolutely 100% encourage girls to consider hair and makeup as a part of their shoot.

so for today. here’s alex and kayla. we have ONE more set coming and it takes place in the Spaaaah. Oh yes, steam, hot water, and swim suits. come back for that.


Model: Alexandra Curry

Model: Kayla Preston

Makeup: Cami Elsenbast

Photo: Andria Lindquist

by Andria

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Cami Elsenbasr What on Earth would we have done without that pear?! 😉 It added a cute touch.. Crazy what a change of lip can do to someone’s look, huh? Kayla’s turned out very “Gwen Stefani” – fun, fun. Loving the vivid colors… can’t WAIT for the last look! Great work!

Cami Elsenbast Natural lighting is the ONLY way to go. I’m in love! Keep ’em coming- can’t wait for the last set!!